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Hi, I’m Dr. Smith! Call me “Brooke” — I only talk about my PhD because there are a lot of “Brooke Smith”s and even a few “Brooke Nicole Smith”s competing for domain names and Instagram handles… but at the time of writing this I appear to be the only Dr. Brooke Smith on the internet. I’ve been called… …a business athlete (by a former boss) …the swiss army knife of everything that actually moves the needle in business (by a client) …the only human who can measure and draw a stair stringer perfectly on the first try (by my husband) I’ve sold $20M in the last three years, managed an operational excellence program that saved more than $50M/year while increasing customer satisfaction, and personally trained hundreds of employees (from senior finance executives to assembly operators) to create streamlined, customer-centered business processes. And, using the same yoga and brain-based methods I teach my private clients, I did all this without totally losing my shit.