Usually, we decide to take the entrepreneurial route instead of the corporate one because we want to be in control of our income, as well as our lifestyle. Yet, often, we end up struggling, working way more hours and making a lot less money than we did in our corporate jobs. Consequently, our relationships and our health also take a hit.

The root of the problem is usually one of these four massive mistakes that entrepreneurs make that can kill their businesses. When I learned to overcome these four mistakes, I ushered in abundance: my business started supporting me 100% financially.


As a new entrepreneur, you want to serve everyone, but when you do that, ironically, you end up serving fewer people that you could. You are, in fact, confusing people: they have no idea what you do or how you can help them. When you define your niche and ideal client, you position yourself to market to them and, in return, serve more people.

I see a lot of healers and practitioners who want to serve everyone. I used to be that person, too. Now that I know who my ideal client is, I can serve more people, attracting more abundance into my life and business. I have a client profile for every project and program that I launch. I am manifesting my ideal clients because I know exactly who they are.


Many entrepreneurs give everything away for free. One of my business coaches would tell me “Free is too expensive.” After hearing this several times, it finally clicked. I was giving everything away, so I wasn’t making any money—I was throwing money away! I basically had a very expensive hobby. By giving my services away, I was telling people that I did not value myself or my worth. Then, I decided to invest in my mindset. Now, I charge what I am worth. I believe in myself and in my services because I know I provide lots of value and results for my clients.

You may wonder whether it’s ok to barter with someone else. It is, but first, ask yourself if you really need their service or product. If the answer is “no,” then do not barter with them. If the answer is “yes,” and it is a win-win for both parties, then go ahead. I barter with a massage therapist friend of mine—I give her an energy healing session, and in return, she gives me a massage. For me, this is a win-win, because I leave her place relaxed and re-energized.


Investing in yourself and in your business is incredibly important. You need to invest in yourself on emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial levels so you can be the best possible you. When you are the best version of yourself, you become an investment magnet.

If you do not invest in yourself then no one else will invest in you either.

These are a few areas that entrepreneurs usually forget to invest in:

Taking time off—This will actually help you be more productive while working less. When I started doing this, I increased my productivity exponentially. I get more done in 30 to 40 hours than I used to working 60 to 70 hours a week.

Taking care of your health—Eat right and exercise each day. Fuel your body with nutrients, and do something to get you moving and get your heart rate up, even if it’s just walking the dog. When you do this, you will feel better and have more energy, which in turn, will increase your confidence.

Relationships—Spending quality time with your significant other, your children, your extended family, and your friends is important. It is equally important to schedule quality time with yourself.

Invest in a coach or mentor—Your coach is your partner in success. A coach’s job is to assist you in creating and implementing your success plan so you can become the best that you can possibly be. Your coach can also help you avoid certain common mistakes.


Many entrepreneurs aren’t in their zones, and therefore, they are out of alignment. As an entrepreneur, you must focus on what you love and on income-producing activities. Everything else should be outsourced. You may be saying, “But I don’t have money to hire a virtual assistant (VA) or anyone to help me.” You know what? This mindset will kill your business! Make a list of activities that are necessary for your business. After you finish your list, go through it, and check off what you love to do. Start delegating the work that you do not like to do, and allow it to free up at least 5 hours a week of your working time. You can hire a VA or even barter with a VA who may need your service. You can even contact community colleges or schools in your
area that could help you get an intern.

Either way, commit to doing this. When I started letting people help me, my business grew, and I am back in love with my business and with my life because I can focus on what I love to do.

I made all of these mistakes myself, and it almost cost me my business, my health, and my relationships. I see it happen all the time. When I learned to overcome these mistakes, my business started growing, and abundance started showing up in all areas of my life. Remember, you are worthy of living a happy, fulfilled, and abundant life!

Patricia LeBlanc is a Dream Maker. She empowers Healers, Practitioners, Coaches and Spiritual based entrepreneurs to get out of their own way. Her unique approach can quickly help you shift your energy and subconscious programming, and help you disconnect with any patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in lack and fear.Patricia is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Manifesting Expert, and 9 Time International Best Selling Author. Download Patricia’s Free Sacred Soul Alignment™ Meditations to help you Manifest more Success and Abundance into your life and business.