You have a wonderful idea, a brand, and a dream to write a book. You are at a time in your life that you feel your life experiences can inspire and educate others. With Covid-19 affecting us in a deeper way, and aligning core values, we have never been presented a better time as authors to dive in and “get naked” with our words on the page. We have seen society come together in a way history has never known, and the readership in books has increased not just by ten percent. Try 700%.

Why? People are sick and tired of being on technology all day, on Zoom, and then on their phones, from morning to night. Paper between the fingers and typed words have never been so appealing. Narrative read curled up on a couch has re-claimed space. So if you are an aspiring author, now is the time to ride the wave and be one of the voices to ring out loud and clear as this pandemic and our political climate finds its new course.

People will look to the authors who publish in 2021 as the experts as we drive forward into a new normal. Questions like, How do I reclaim my tribe? What has changed in our communication styles? What does parenting look like? Where is feminine leadership headed? Sure, questions such as these can be answered on Google but readers are tired of that endless search. Give them a well-written book with a deep story and value, and you win their time.

Readers also look to authors to help them explore their emotions, which means as a writer YOU need to feel your emotions. Regardless of whether you are writing a business book or a memoir, incorporating your story acts as a cautionary or revelatory tale. We HAVE to go deep when given the responsibility to write. Without the telling of your journey, life, failures, and success, as an author, you would not be able to say, “Here is why I am powerfully delivering this value to you.” Authors that speak their truth are prescient because they can see what is coming for the reader, should one go down any of the rabbit holes they did.

So if it could be painful to write your story and open your heart and soul, why do it? The process has an amazing by-product for the author. Freedom.You finally see yourself as a whole person. Sure, you may have received accolades and riches, but the inner work of understanding what makes you in totality is your story, and looking squarely at what you have kept and left behind holds a different value than any self-help course or counseling. You get on the other side of the story, and share it with the reader. And that, my friends, is a truly the best gift of writing a book.



Kim O’Hara, Book Coach to Best Sellers® –

Podcast – You Should Write A Book About That

Kim O'Hara is a Book Coach to Best Sellers® at her company A Story Inside in Los Angeles. She navigates authors from a dream of writing a book to reality. In a past life she was a movie producer and screenwriter, making eleven movies. She also hosts a successful podcast You Sbould Write A Book About That, interviewing fascinating people who are considering writing a book. She also hosts Book Vision classes for small mastermind groups virtually. She can be found at and her podcast is on all platforms.