Krystylle Richardson is a person who is looking to make a positive difference through various, powerful avenues. She landed the covers of Win Global Magazine and Inspiring Lives Magazine, is a Wealth Strategist, and an Author/Speaker! In her work with successful Entrepreneurs, I Change Nations, in the works partnership with the U.N., and as a television host, Richardson is paving a path of hope for international positive impact.

Every success story achieved by Richardson is due to a hard work ethic, (even the fact that she was Knighted by a royal order) can be attributed to what her being considered by some to be a genius thought leader. “Once you get into your zone of genius people may call you that,” stated Richardson. “Helping women to operate in their zone of genius is what Richardson refers to as her ‘code of honor’.” Richardson states that this, “has to do with raising up people and helping, and this comes with service not monetization.”

Richardson is a woman who sets goals and crushes them at every turn. Every person she provides a service to is aware of her message regarding innovation and creativity. “Impact not monetization,” states Richardson. This is relevant to how Richardson presents herself on social media platforms and in speaking events. Richardson states that her, “mission is to help people be the best versions of themselves.” This comes with understanding strategic concepts to reach full results in the work an individual is desiring to do.

One recommendation Richardson discusses with her clients is to strive for “10 streams of sustainable income.” Richardson refers to this concept as “Element 10″ and  she puts emphasis on this in her work globally. Different ways in which clients can benefit from seeking out Richardson for her services are through her Creativity to Cashflow concept on, where she supports the ambitions of inventors and business builders alike. On this site it is made clear that, “we have helped peoples dreams come truth with TANGIBLE Results! Our FOCUS is YOU!” Heading over to her other website, at the potential clients can learn about acquiring abundance through what is called, “your own Freedom Formula!” This is where a person can dig deeper into creating a life with vision to enhance opportunity and financial flow.

Richardson offers valuable pieces of advice for those seeking success. The first tip is, “to accept yourself,” states Richardson. Next is to recite, “personal affirmations.” Final words of wisdom Richardson offers is to check, “the people in your life.” Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with those who aspire to similar achievement goals as you.

Richardson revealed that when she turned 50 years old she spent, “two and a half years being reflective.” Richardson explained that a much  needed shift took place in her life because she, “had to say no more to a specific personality type.” Not surprisingly, Richardson found that by taking this action, “I said yes to myself.” This boundary setting is absolutely essential to our well being in many areas of our lives, and Richardson clearly recognizes this concept for herself, and for others.

The Powerful Women Leaders Empowerment Summit drew women from all over and it was organized and hosted by Richardson. This was held in Phoenix, Arizona on September 10th, and it honored high-profile women in varying fields. Many attendees were honored for their contributions from their areas of expertise. Richardson also included music and dancing to the day’s festivities.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, who is our Editor-and-Chief at Inspiring Lives Magazine served and was honored at this particular event and stated that, “The WOII Power Women Leaders Summit, led by Krystylle Richardson, was profoundly important to the empowerment movement worldwide. The women leaders came together for fellowship, collaboration, and impactful discussions.” That accolade speaks volumes to the credibility Richardson has in impacting the world through change and empowering and encouraging others to do the same!

During the interview Richardson discussed the significance of I Change Nations to her life. In in the article titled Former Presidents Lead the Class of 2021 – I Change Nations Global Civility Icons, “I Change Nations promotes the pillars of kindness, respect, love, hope, and action”. 

An exciting television opportunity is coming up as well through LIGTV that readers may be interested in participating or watching. Richardson stated that they will be collecting submissions for hosts to engage in a speed symposium. This will consist of, “25 people talking really fast about business through powerful presentations,” states Richardson.

The present and future are looking extraordinarily bright for Richardson and the people she is impacting. Richardson also is extremely family oriented, as her inspirations include her Grandparents, husband. Another inspiration to this motivational icon is the author Napoleon Hill because his writings  inspired Richardson. Her fierce drive to bring about collaborative efforts with powerhouse women and all business executives alike, to spark lasting positive change, will continue to be profound and impactful!

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Instagram: @iamkrystylle

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