I know what it feels like to live in fear.  For 35 years I was a member of a religious cult that preyed on my family for generations.  Because of the fear, I felt of the leaders and what they would do to me and my family.  I lost my parents. I lost my freedom.  I lost myself for 35 years.

I remember the time in the supermarket parking lot, the last time I saw my mother when the cult leader had me in the car next to her and my mom came out of the supermarket saw me with her in the car and started screaming words I cannot even say.  And, then the cult leader drove us away screeching out of that parking lot. 

15 years later I saw the same pattern starting to happen to me and my family with my own daughter and that is when I said, “Enough is Enough!  I refuse to live in fear!”

Unfortunately, so many people are living in fear.  I’m the author of the book Unshakeable Courage, the true story of my escape from a religious cult and I have a question for you, Are you living in fear, let’s take the quiz.

  1. Are you afraid that someone in your family will get hurt?
  2. Are you scared you will be involved in an accident?
  3. Are you scared your friends will not agree with your opinions?
  4. Are you scared your significant other doesn’t really love you?
  5. Are you scared you will get fired?
  6. Are you scared you will get sick?
  7. Are you afraid you will end up alone?
  8. Do you have to check with family members every day to know they are alright?
  9. Do you avoid certain places because you are afraid you will get hurt?
  10.  Are you afraid to try because you’re afraid to fail?

If you answered yes to even 1 of these questions… you are human.

2 Yeses, you are very likely living in fear.

3 Yeses, I’m sorry to tell you, you are living your life in fear and you need to learn how to be BRAVE!

I knew for me to move through the fear, I had to first become BRAVE! 

B – Believe in yourself. It is the very foundation that your confidence is built upon.

R – Roadmap.  Create the map you need to follow to get out of your fear. 

A – Abilities.  Believe in your own.  Develop your own abilities to live out of fear.

V – View.  Exclude everything from your view except what you want.

E – Expectations.  Forget about other people’s expectations.  The only expectations you need to follow are your own.

By being BRAVE, I realized that I could move away from the fear through, The Seven Promises of COURAGE roadmap I created along my journey and outlined in my book.

I’m on a mission helping people to escape lives of fear because NOBODY should live in fear!

Kym Glass is a Soft Skills Consultant, TEDx and Award Winning Speaker, and Best Selling Author. With 20+ years corporate experience and 18 years entrepreneur and business owner experience, Kym works with organizations to leverage their people value through Soft Skills Strategies for Bottom Line Results. Kym is the author of Unshakeable Courage. She shares the true story of her escape from a religious cult to help others overcome fear and is a frequent speaker on the topic of Courage. As a natural connector, Kym is always passionate to learn more about you and your business. www.KymGlass.com