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4 Issues per Year

With opulent photography gracing the pages, each issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine offers captivating stories and empowering ideas imprinted with Dr. Shellie Hipsky’s vision on business and finance; art and film; art & books; health and wellness; books and music; relationships and self-discovery; fashion and beauty; and food and drink. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and personal growth, the magazine inspires, encourages, and instructs; addressing every facet of a woman’s life, the spiritual, the intellectual, and the emotional.

Every issue includes practical articles for entrepreneurs from start-ups to pros including information on gaining sales, creating websites that wow, and social media support. The magazine encourages intelligent women to reach for their dreams confidently and make smart choices that will lead them to a life filled with joy, discovery, and fulfillment.

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  • Issue 11: Winter 2019

    Issue 11: Winter 2019


    Empowering Women in Philanthropy

    Award Winners:

    • Shevelle McPherson, Esq.
    • Dr. Michele Langbein
    • Lynn Doehring
    • Stacy Klein
    • Sara Makin
    • Gloria Steinem

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  • Issue 10: Fall 2018

    Issue 10: Fall 2018

    Issue 10: Fall 2018



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    • Tess Cacciatore
    • Jacquelyn Aluotto
    • Annalynne Mccord
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  • Issue 09: Summer 2018

    Issue 09: Summer 2018


    LYDIA ELLE: Recording Artist Super Star Rises

    Empowered Women

    • Brianna Brown
    • Amanda Kessel
    • Laura Hollick
    • Kelly Frey
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