Remember when you first had your business idea, how enthusiastic and excited you were? And the time your first client agreed to work with you—the pride you felt that you’d achieved success?

Do you still feel that energetic about your purpose, or has fear, anxiety, and overwhelm taken over? Rejec­tion, lack of momentum, changing plans—they are all a part of the business, and yet as females, we take things so personally; internalizing events and creating stories that ultimately sabotage our desires.

Why does that happen and how can you get back to your Passionate Purpose when you’re so full of doubt?

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that as a Fe­male, the more you tell yourself a story the stronger you are allowing the emotion behind the story to take hold. Women have up to 25% more connection from head to heart, we are naturally more emotional people.

It’s why our capacity to love and connect is so amaz­ing, but it also means that our negative emotions and thoughts can bring us down really quickly! The more you tell the story, the harder you will find it to get over it.

So how do you change the story? How do you find the Passion for your Purpose again?

STEP 1. Become aware of what you are saying to yourself. Take note “What am I thinking, what am I feeling”—the more you do this, the more you may start to notice that your thoughts are not creating an environ­ment for success. If you have a mantra of “I am success­ful” but your inner voice says “but not as good as she is,” that doubt there fuels your mantra; therefore, it is count­er-productive and unlikely to create success as you desire.

STEP 2. Now that you are aware, throw away the story, and focus on the emotion. Analyzing or under­standing the story won’t change the event. When you acknowledge the emotion, you can then choose to either believe it and fuel it, or dismiss it and replace it.

Replace your inner self-talk with “I acknowledge I am feeling doubt. I’m going to choose to remember a time when I felt confident and sure. That is more important to me than fuelling doubt. I feel confident.”

STEP 3. Build yourself back up. Every single day, identify three things you can be proud of, three things that can consider “a win,” and three things that you are passionate about—the drive behind your purpose. Build a list that is so solid that any time a negative thought does pop up, you have an example of its opposite!

STEP 4. Remind yourself of these questions:

What was my intention to begin this business?

Who did I want to help?

Why do they need me?

Who is someone I’ve helped with my services, and how did that make both of us feel when I did that?

I love what I do because…

Use your female head to heart connection to empower yourself—choose to spend time recalling the successes, the proud moments, the accomplishments, the love, and the joy. Strengthen what serves you, ditch what doesn’t, and realign your Passion to your Purpose!

Bree is an expert in the Female Brain, specializing in helping professional women to address the sabotaging habits like overwhelm, doubt and anxiety at the core to create strong Personal Power, Passion, and Purpose for success.

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