Inspiring Lives With Dr. Shellie

Dr. Shellie Hipsky and her Inspiring Lives Team produced the television show “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie” at the NBC studio in Pittsburgh. It will be aired in multiple major cities such as New York City and it was globally streamed. “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie” is an inspirational talk show marked by the life stories of people who have triumphed over personal obstacles; now, they are reaching out to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Season One spotlights 26 non-profit charities and features 13 amazing guests, four of whom are:

* Mariama Camara who founded the There is No Limit Foundation which took fabrics dyed in her home village of Guinea, Africa and put them on the NYFW runways with top designers such as Tory Burch to send the funds back to support her people in Africa.

* Roy Juarez, Jr. was homeless at 14 with his siblings so as an adult he founded the Homeless by Choice Tour which inspired 100,000 youth to dream, not give up on life, and understand the value of a higher education.

* Alicia Kozakiewicz, survivor of the first cyber predator kidnapping who founded “The Alicia Project” a foundation that helps give a voice to exploited and missing children.

Dawn Diaz, the Founder of Milagros Day Worldwide which helps domestic violence survivors stated in Inspirational Woman Magazine, “Dr. Shellie Hipsky is directly contributing to the global shift in human consciousness with her show by bringing to light the extraordinary lives of people who have overcome the worst of circumstances and have chosen to use their experiences to make a difference in the world. Dr. Shellie encourages and supports everyone to find own their way to helping our society by giving back.” This television show touches the hearts of viewers and show the audience that “Inspiration is just a story away!”