Can you relate to an abundant lifestyle, without having a never ending checklist of tasks that keep us going day-and-night? We can become really exceptional at overextending ourselves to the point of no return; or, so it may seem at times. That overwhelming feeling that comes when we are in the balancing act (or as Du Plessis believes, “Lifestyle Integration”) of that classic work/home life discrepancy, can produce so much inner-guilt. There is a way that you can experience a full and the stressful pull that is tugging at you constantly on your way to success. Part of that solution lies in hiring a mentor who has been through exactly what you are going through right now. Lady Jen believes in the transformation of working long hours IN and ON your business, to living ABOVE and BEYOND your business. What Makes A Prominent Leader Lady Jen Du Plessis knows the immense pressure that comes from a life of constant work that did not seem to allow for healthy balance in her life.

Du Plessis is one who flourishes at helping six- and seven-figure earners build world-class teams, As The Team Building and Scaling Architect, owner of four 6-figure businesses, an award- winning international speaker, best-selling Author, and the Producer and Host of her television show Tell Me I Can’t, Du Plessis dedicates her life to spreading the message of, “living your legacy while you’re building it”. That is a message that could very easily resonate with high-level entrepreneurs as they are looking to prioritize their most pivotal investments, monetarily speaking, and from a personal point of view.

One may want to focus on their legacy, such as building a sustainable business to leave for their children, and that is their motivation for wanting to reach high-end sales brackets. Others may be setting their legacy sights on ensuring they have a highly profitable business to be able to sell for a comfortable retirement. Yet, others may simply want to live a better life and lifestyle surrounded by loved ones. Either way, Du Plessis will guide you forward into ambitious ventures that will undoubtedly increase revenue, while allowing you to live the life you always dreamed, through strategies such as increasing your mindset awareness, team building, improving effective time management, advancing business collaborations, and so much more.

The Why In Shifting

Du Plessis reached a point in her own journey where she became clear on what she had to do to change the course of the life path she was on. Choosing to let go of expectations stating that even while having to, “work inhumane hours some only achieve substandard success”, Du Plessis found that greater achievement was just around the corner.

She was extremely driven to not miss out on being with her family, yet was mindful that she needed to provide for them. “Somewhere along the way I lost sight of what truly made me happy,” stated Du Plessis (regarding her realization of needing and wanting to find a better way to accomplish her goals, while living a commanding lifestyle). As regrets piled on due to the lack of family involvement Du Plessis’ thoughts eventually crystallized. “What I learned was that if I was going to withstand a long-term career in my field, it would be essential for me to choose and create boundaries around my life’s desires and values first; and then build an amazing business around my life. I can help you with this too,” stated Du Plessis in her piece Master Your Priorities, Master Your Life, Make Your First Million.

Du Plessis is an advocate of living for one’s purpose. In her article Embracing Life and Creating Authentic Success: A Collaboration Beyond Balance, Du Plessis said, “Work on purpose so you can play with passion.” She clarifies the meaning of this by stating, “When you align your work with your personal core values and a clear sense of purpose, you’re not just navigating; you’re sailing with intention.” What a powerful sentiment. Du Plessis reminds us of Les Brown’s words when he says, “If you are casual about your dreams, your dreams will become a casualty.”

The Impact from Strategy Implementation

Du Plessis then looked at where improvement needed to happen in her business. She recognized the value in delegation. How many of us try to cut costs by tackling every task on our own? The truth is this can actually lead to the detriment of the business we worked so hard to build. Not one person is good in every area it takes to run a company. Therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason that we should hire in our areas of weaknesses? This will give you the necessary time to laser focus on what you do best. When Du Plessis made the savvy decision to delegate tasks, her business soared! “I made the choice to hire others to help me with the tasks I dreaded, wasn’t good at, or that didn’t make money; and within several months, we broke through a major glass ceiling: from closing 19 mortgage loans per month to 26, and then 30 and more,” stated Du Plessis in her piece Master Your Priorities, Master Your Life, Make Your First Million, resulting her rising to the Top 200 (or .003%) of originations in the U.S.

5 Ways to Be Efficient

Du Plessis teaches us five areas of simple, yet incredibly effective principles to ignite your results. And yes, she follows these strategies to this day! These areas are:

  • Clarity– Being absolutely certain about your overall messaging and value systems.
  • Credibility– Becoming the expert and master in your industry.
  • Community– Understanding proper exposure, collaboration, and nurturing are in place.
  • Communication– Building a world class team and providing a client experience that exceeds everyone’s expectations.
  • Continuity– Priority management over ineffective activities, and investing in your future by hiring a mentor.If you are a six-figure earner and feel you are at your capacity, having difficulty finding the gaps, or maybe you don’t know which way to turn to get to a seven-figure status, consider contacting Lady Jen to see how she can help you go f rom stagnant to explosive, in record time. The truth is we all can use more time for our personal lives – while resting in the security that our businesses are growing – without our constant need to be engaged. Lady Jen can show you how you can get there!Contact her today! Visit her website at:
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