Every business owner needs to hear insight from those who have been at the forefront of running a successful company. Experts who have been in the trenches, really digging at the heart of the issues. They will take the core of the business from the very beginning stages of an idea, and launch it to being the top leader in its industry. 

One such industry leader who is making a monumental impact in the field of entrepreneurship is Michelle Seiler-Tucker. Her approach to business is authentic and genius because it drives her, and those around Tucker to achieve successful results. Tucker is a CEO who for 23 years has specialized in buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses and states that this type of work is, “not for the faint of heart.” Tucker recognizes when a company is in the right position to potentially purchase for profit, and takes the leap to enhance the reward for her and the business owner she is purchasing from. 

Tucker highly recommends when starting a business to implement a strategy for when you will be ready to retire or move onto something else, she refers to this in her book Exit Rich. This book was written as a way to educate the reader in the importance of thinking long term for your business needs. Tucker lays out a GPS Model  in her book for readers to understand the concept of final destination for business owners. This is an excellent tool to get your mind thinking about the total value you want your company to be worth and sold for when it is that time for your retirement. There are also certain matters to consider for this time, such as whether you are going to, “sell 100% of your company or choose the route of ESOP where you sell to your employees,” states Tucker. Writing this book was a great way to launch Tucker into new opportunities. Tucker states that becoming an author gave her, “ exposure I never had before. It opened up doors where I was in media such as in magazines, Fox News, and speaking on stages.” 

Tucker is a mother who does not shy away from leading by example. She emanates an inspiring mixture of positive parenting, combined with ensuring teaching moments are always infused into every facet of her efforts. “By instilling a growth mindset in your child, you empower them with a positive attitude toward learning and resilience in the face of challenges. This mindset lays the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning and continuous self-improvement. To make a growth mindset develop make sure to praise the effort instead of only the results. Normalize challenges and mistakes. This can be done by sharing your own setbacks. Teach the power of ‘yet”. If they say, ‘I can’t do this’ then respond with ‘yet’”, stated Tucker in a social media post. This type of guidance – is what makes Tucker the epitome of someone to look up to as a mentor – as she carefully  places significant responsibility and intention on how to guide children on their correct path.

When seeking advice about business ventures it is always a great idea to look to the pros, towards those who have been there. Tucker explains that it is crucial to follow through with your commitments to what you say you are going to do in your business. Remembering that you are your business and brand, and you represent the integrity of all that it stands for. You do not want to jeopardize others trust in what you deliver to them. If you say that you provide a particular service, be certain that your company is ensuring proper implementation of that service. It never hurts to go above and beyond as well. Tucker wisely states to, “build a bridge, don’t burn a bridge,” regarding business acquisitions. 

Something that is very unique and makes her set apart from other entrepreneurs is that Tucker goes the extra mile to educate her clients on social media. She regularly posts videos on a variety of valuable business related topics that are relatable to what a business owner needs to know for growth. The topics are thought provoking and can easily trigger one of those moments of, “Oh I would never have thought about it that way before!” The wheels really start turning and can ignite some really great ideas for what a business owner should be doing for next steps in their own company to reach next level success. 

Tucker is also a talented keynote speaker and knows how to reach the heart of the people. She has shared the stage with many prominent speakers and captivates the audience with her expansive knowledge in the realm of business strategy. Her expertise is an extraordinary asset to anyone looking to plan ahead for an exit strategy that exceeds expectation. 

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Kara Peters is a debut author, who has an ambition to soar as a writer. She enjoys reading and writing inspirational and motivational material. It is truly her passion to engage in uplifting projects for others, while always remaining authentic and humble. She is a wife to an amazing husband Joshua, and together they have five beautiful children. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wishes to pursue a career in writing, in addition to going back to school to study Journalism. She hopes to always be an encouragement to her readers. Connect with Kara: www.facebook.com/KaraPeters https:www.instagram.com/KaraPeters