Do you ever wonder what it is you really want in your life? If you really stop to think about it, is it a deep purpose-driven goal you are seeking after? Or are you taking things day-by-day and living in survival mode, with little time to delve into the philosophical side of anything? Maybe you are somewhere in between. Wherever you fall in life’s journey of discovery into self discovery, finding a mentor to help guide you towards your life’s dreams can lead to achieving them!

The Story Inside Us

According to Cheri Armstrong who is an inspirational Coach, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, “We all have a God-given mission to share our story.” This looks very different for each one of us as we all have a unique story that unfolds and is just waiting to be told to eager ears that are ready to learn from the value held within the depths of our experiences. Armstrong’s story is a fascinating, uplifting, and encouraging account of how her faith is at the center of helping others to “figure it out” in their lives. Living a life of intention has always been the philosophy of Armstrong.

When Meaningful Collaboration Brings Heart-Centered Service

Whether it is assisting clients in her resilience coaching program, or donating sewing machines in remote locations in India through her collaborative efforts between a nonprofit Soul Winners India where she serves on the advisory board, and the S.E.E.D.S. (Sisters in Extraordinary Entrepreneurship and Development Services) Initiative, every action is meant to make a difference and produce results. This brought Armstrong to a partnership with the Global Sisterhood nonprofit, which was founded by Dr. Shellie Hipsky. Armstrong spoke fondly of this collaboration and stated that, “I realized I am a good partner with Dr. Shellie.”

The Business Side

In the time span of 40 years Armstrong and her husband were thriving business owners making letterman jackets for high schoolers. Their son took over the business and is still successfully running it today. Currently, Armstrong is on a newer venture as she created a branding merchandise company called L.O.M.A.H. Through this company, they provide customers options to personalize their business logo onto items such as uniforms, bar accessories, drinkware, menu covers, and more. “We love business and people, and investing in people,” said Armstrong.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by an innate aspiration to see that people are happy and being genuinely helped. She explained that, “My desire is to encourage the women around the world, to empower them and give them the resources they need in their communities”.

A valuable piece of advice offered by Armstrong via her social media page is to remind her readers, “You can become unstoppable in conquering whatever comes your way, if you put your mind to it. A change in mindset is all that is needed to bring about a desired outcome.”This wisdom aligns with anyone looking to overcome any adversities that may be holding them back from reaching max potential in their life’s journey.

Profound Lessons from India

One of the things Armstrong noticed in her travels to India was the incredible welcoming nature from the women there. “They are so hospitable and are willing to give you their very best. Compared to our very best here in the U.S., it’s very different. They wanted to welcome me in their home and were not at all concerned about materialism, but about being real,” stated Armstrong. She went on to state that, “they all but begged us to come in because it was considered such a privilege that someone from the U.S. came to see them.”

While there Armstrong and her husband visited a children’s home where the children were sleeping on mats on the floor, not beds. They felt in their hearts compelled to do something to help. “It broke our hearts, because it was in September and in October it starts getting cold,” stated Armstrong. Armstrong and her husband set out to get them beds and made it happen! “Truly for me, the message of Christ is reaching out to others.

It was very humbling for me,” said Armstrong. She expressed how much she loves the women in India because of their non-materialistic attitude toward living.


Armstrong is a coach who can be trusted to help take women in the next steps toward empowerment, and help them conquer anything that comes their way. The reminder that, “We are never meant to carry burdens alone,” is a message that Armstrong likes to remind her clients of. Once we realize that we can lean on others we can begin to become more clear minded and Armstrong states “You have to envision it,” regarding what goals you have set for yourself to bring to f ruition. Armstrong discusses these topics in her book Figure It Out.

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