The life of an entrepreneur is one that brings about waves of unexpected challenges and rewards all in one. Someone who knows how to navigate this lifestyle is none other than Theresa Goss, who is also known to many as TGo. Her resume is a vast one as she balances many different, yet exhilarating plates daily. TGo’s titles include being an accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Director, Host, MC, Speaker, and Consultant. What an impressive course she has gone down! Keep reading to see her story of how she landed on the level of success that she is experiencing today! 

Fueling the Young Entrepreneur Spirit

TGo’s childhood was unique as her intelligence exceeded expectation for her age. In fact, she had a genius IQ. However, at the tender age of just 4 years old TGo’s school wanted her to attend a school for gifted students and her parents declined the offer. TGo was adopted, and her parents wanted her to have a sense of normalcy. When referring to her father TGo stated that he always used to ask her, “I know everybody marches to a different drummer, but what dang band plays in your head?” According to TGo her father said this in response to her the way her mind was always working and thinking on a different level. 

At the age of eight-years-old, TGo was told by her father that she would be pursuing her very first job. His desire was for her to take on a paper route, and his motive for encouraging this was from a very realistic mindset. As a father it was important to him that TGo understood the value of money and  how everything works in the receiving and spending aspect of working. This worked even better than he could have ever imagined as TGo took this lesson and soared with it! By the age of 10, TGo learned she could lend kids ice cream money and for interest, thereby instilling an important business skill in her, and then at just 14-years-old, TGo became aware of compound interest! Learning this would become an incredible asset for a lifelong journey as an entrepreneur and so began a young prodigy in this field. 

Heart of a Giver

TGo is a giver in the truest sense of the word. “I will stop the world if someone needs me to serve,” stated TGo. That is a bold and very clear statement that shows exactly what one can expect from TGo when they get to know her. In fact TGo’s philosophy is to, “do stuff from your heart, and the rest will follow,” stated TGo when asked what compelled her generosity to donate limited print issues of Inspiring Lives Magazine, among her many other charitable efforts.  TGo’s own children validate the inward philanthropist nature as they state that her, “love language is service,” stated TGo.

Her Inner-Techie

According to TGo, (in addition to all the other amazing contributions she makes to society through her many titles), she also revealed she is a Computer Programmer. “I see puzzle pieces in my head,” stated TGo, in reference to her staying up at all hours and tapping into her creative process. She loves to use her skills as a computer programmer to “blend worlds through tech and magazines” stated TGo. One of her major projects was the creation of what was called Black Insight Magazine. This was a digital magazine publication, and was on track to be a tremendous success based on the amount of followers sharing and talking about it! This was a learning experience for TGo, as back then she was not quite aware of the dynamics of internet marketing and all of that. TGo stated that, “The magazine was a great success. Not utilizing the subscriber list for other marketing possibilities was my biggest mistake back then.” However, she did not let this setback stop her, on the contrary she plunged forward into learning the field of production through hiring a professional production crew and, and even shadowed on movie sets to gain insight and a thorough understanding of the industry. TGo even was given the opportunity to observe on film sets with Anna Maria Davis who is, “one of the biggest casting agents in the industry and taught me productions,” stated TGo. 

Advice From a Pro

When delving into a field of interest it is a really phenomenal idea to seek out the guidance of one who has been literally living in the trenches of the industry. When asked what individuals should do who are interested in production TGo gave some sound words of wisdom. “You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Get started and put it out there, start doing Live broadcasts on social media,” she stated. Many people start out not knowing where to even begin, and maybe even lack the confidence that they will have what it takes to be recognized. This could be for many reasons. Maybe they do not feel they are talented enough, or perhaps they are of the mindset that they do not know the right people to ever level up. When I discussed this concern with TGo she stated for starters that, “the biggest competition is you.” TGo extends a valuable piece of advice when she talks about, “getting your friends together and film with them, music videos for example. Use your resources available to you to be creative for the videos. 

In The Media

A recent development in her success was the celebration of her project on May 2, 2024 being featured called: The Domino Effect Television Docuseries on 2 Billboards in Times Square, right in the heart of New York City for all to see! TGo was there live with some of the NOW honorees who are being recognized in the docuseries! The excitement was contagious as TGo went on Facebook live and showcased her with the other women who were fully energized to see themselves on full display on the billboards! And this was all due to TGo choosing to pour out goodness by selecting women as recipients of the NOW awards and recognize them for their hard work. Of course TGo went over and above for them to extend her appreciation for all they do, and are ensuring these women are being seen and heard for their efforts in the world! 

TGo also hosts a podcast called Expert Talk – The 9@9, where she conducts interviews with professionals from various industries to gain perspective on a variety of topics. Listeners can always be assured they will learn an abundance of information when they tune into TGo’s show video, and it is also available on audio and podcast platforms!

Upcoming Events

Be sure to follow TGo for information on exciting new events including the much anticipated Power of PINK and the NOW Honors in Vegas event in October 3-5, 2024.

Marie Diamond from The Secret will be honored as the Woman of the Year.

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