The vision for Deshaun Williams became clear. He is a proud servant of humanity. Williams is an uplifting motivational speaker, an author of the recently released book called The Greatness Within, and a podcast host for a show in which the sole purpose is to assist others in reaching their own full potential. This podcast show is called Dose of Empowerment. Through this exciting endeavor, Williams draws a correlation between an individual’s life story and how they can apply what they have learned, to enhance whatever calling they are meant to pursue. The story of Deshaun Williams is something that will help you see what a true mentor can be. 

Throughout the journey Williams has traveled in his life, he has always been one to surpass the challenges that have presented themselves to him. Even when Williams was at his lowest point, in 2017. It was at this point in his life where depression cut so deep, that he felt suicide may be the only solution. Williams was told that he would never have what it takes to inspire others, or to be someone who could motivate them to reach their ultimate life goals. He states that being told such negative perspectives about who he is “sparked a fire in me, I am a social misfit.” Williams did not allow a defeatist view break him down, on the contrary he used that to reevaluate and improve his life situation. Williams knew that inevitably, his course in life would promote the connection he feels toward others, and his passion to see everyone understand and value their own worth. He can appreciate the unique contributions each person has to offer. Willams has a gift when he is on stage and sharing his thoughts to an eager audience. The intriguing, thought provoking topics Willams presents in his Podcast as well is an invitation to really consider what it will take to bring about your own success story. It is within this element that Williams excels at his highest level. Williams makes clear that he is “big on leveraging stories of his guests and listeners, to use what they have been through to propel them into the future.” 

Confidence is something that Williams could have never imagined himself to obtain, as one who suffered the demons of mental health challenges. However, remembering that he has important work to do is an excellent incentive to make sure he is at the top of his game. His health and well- being is an immense contributing factor to his ability to accomplish necessary tasks toward effecting change. It is with courage and a heart full of compassion, that Williams can fully embrace all aspects of what it truly takes to be a humanitarian. The care of himself has come to fruition as his mental and physical health had to be upgraded so that he can fully be in the zone of making an impact. Williams is an advocate of striving consistently to be at one’s best, and says that “physical health ties in by leveraging physical health issues for a greater purpose.” This concept is further discussed by an acronym he stands by called P.A.I.N ( Pursue, Align, Invest, Navigate.) Pursue through challenges, align yourself with what will lead you toward achievement of goals, invest in your future, and navigate your way through the unknown. 

In addition to desiring a rise in educating others about Mental Health, Williams also is driven to bring awareness to the LGBTQ community. He is a part of that community as well, and his coming out was not received as well as he had hoped. Williams chose to reveal his own personal choices through a tik-tok video, and a coworker responded by saying that Williams was “confused.” This was not the ideal, however Williams responded by stating that “it’s nothing you can tell me, I don’t need your validation, that’s who I am.” This response was full of dignity and no anger or resentment, just pure comfort in knowing who he is, was enough for Williams. 

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