Images by Clicks for a Cause: Wendy Jean Hacker

Every year, Ecolution ( features designers and artists to showcase their work using innovative materials and sustainable products designed exclusively for Pittsburgh Earth Day. Their designs are not only an art piece, but a story to convey how our planet has been impacted by our economy and the need for positive environmental change.

Eva Dixon, the Global Sisterhood’s new Director of Outreach, was one of the fashion designers for this year’s gala at the Carnegie Museum of History. Her piece was titled, “Mother Earth” and contained sustainable elements of paper, paper bags, zip ties, scrap flowers, construction fence, tree branches and more to make her garment come to life.

The one-piece and train of the skirt contained scrap flowers as well as a flowering headpiece of various colors.

Model and Global Sisterhood Executive Director, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, was excited to take part in the event and walk down the runway in Dixon’s piece.

“As we inspire and empower women of the world, keeping our planet protected is also important to us in our Global Sisterhood,” Hipsky said.

Throughout the show, various others walked the runway in organic materials from face masks, to towels and film photos, each piece a testament to the harmony between fashion and sustainability.

Near the end, event curator Brian David’s model/muse Joanna Wentling walked his couture gown design made of recycled red velvet fabric from the Carnegie Music Hall’s auditorium seats and an array of crystals, donated by Michael Volpatt via Carnegie Museum and Volpatt Construction.

Before the show started, hosts Daisy Jade and Amanda Gorecki welcomed everyone and the third annual Model Citizen Award was presented to Richard Parsakian, former curator of the Ecolution Fashion Gala. “I really am so grateful for this organization,” Parsakian said. He is one of the founders of Ecolution along with Ronda Zegerelli and Emilio Cornacchione. Parsakian is most known for his fashion work, sustainability and LGBTQ representation.

The guests were also able to partake in served refreshments and appetizers prior to the show, a local DJ and an introductory dance performance choreographed by Pearlann Porter, that told the urgency for environmental change.

For World Environment Day, this year’s gala designs allowed artists to challenge their skills and bring forth inspiring environmental clothing pieces for many of the lovers of fashion in Pittsburgh to enjoy.