Inspiring Lives Magazine is THE online magazine for empowering women. It is the official magazine for the Global Sisterhood 501(c)(3) as it spotlights the triumphs of our Charity Partnerships, #PopUpGiving, and the fantastic ladies of the sisterhood!

Each issue is packed with tips, stories, and inspiration imprinted with Dr. Shellie’s vision for each facet of a woman’s life. Whether you’re a rising star in your industry, a career neophyte, a mom with a side hustle, or a woman at the top of her game, we have everything you need to live your best, busy, fulfilled life through personal growth.

Featuring vivid photography, each issue of Inspiring Lives Magazine offers on point articles on business & finance; art, film, music, & books; health & wellness; relationships & self-discovery; fashion & beauty; and food & travel. The magazine inspires, encourages, and instructs, addressing a woman’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being so they can reach for their dreams confidently and make smart choices that will lead them to a life filled with joy, discovery, and fulfillment.

Please enjoy the Global Sisterhood’s Inspiring Lives Magazine free of cost online. Consider contacting us with an article query or idea. Plus, if you support the Global Sisterhood movement to help the women and children of the world, we would be delighted if you made a non-profit donation today!

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