Footwear trends have changed drastically over the years. Now, in the time of the pandemic, a report by Bloomberg found that shoe sections of stores like Galeries Lafayette are making more room for sneakers. After all, with the appeal of athleisure and casual wear, even luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga are creating sneakers. So if you’re thinking of how to improve your sneaker game with all the new releases, here are a few ways you can step up your game.

Start With The Classics

Any pair can actually do, as long as they’re comfortable and versatile. After all, as our article on “Well Behaved Women Seldom Wear Red” says, fashion is a way to show our identity. But if you want to play it safe, you can shop for neutral colors like black, white, and brown. Classic models like Converse’s Chuck Taylors can also do a lot to elevate your outfit with designs that have stood the test of time. There are even classics that are being remade. One iconic shoe that has been recently revamped is the Nike Air Force 1. True to its roots in sports, the new iteration is a collaboration between Nike and Serena Williams called the Summit White. It features a fresh take on the classic Nike Air Force 1 Low silhouette, just with a revamped all-white tumbled leather build, an embroidered Swoosh, and gold zippers. Going with a tried-and-true style will always highlight your sophistication.
Credit – @girlonkicks on Instagram

Follow Sneaker Influencers

Stay on top of the sneaker game by paying attention to today’s trends. Some influencers you can follow are models like Aleali May and Ginney Noa. Sanne Poeze, aka Girl on Kicks, has editorials and blog posts on styling and aesthetic tips. She was part of Reebok’s “It’s A Man’s World” campaign, together with names like MADWOMEN, who designed the Legacy 83 Shoes for the inaugural capsule. Following these influencers can show you upcoming trends, hot new releases, or creative ways to style your sneakers.

Join Sneaker Communities

Sneakers have made such a unique mark on the world that entire communities have formed for the sole purpose of understanding, sharing, and celebrating everything related to them. These communities give members perks like notifications on upcoming releases, better retail prices, and insider information on the sneaker industry. There are even accessible communities on social media, like Yeezy Marketplace and Niketalk that focus on specific shoe brands for serious collectors. Joining the sneaker community lets you network with other sneakerheads and gain a deeper respect for sneaker culture in general.–xYyLrZZ/
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Calista Baxter is a freelance columnist and stylist who has been a sneakerhead since the early 2010s. Her deep appreciation for sneakers fuels most of her fashion choices as well as her written pieces.