Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth. We thrive in creating and growing our enterprises to support ourselves and our passion to serve. We’re ambitiously driven to succeed like none other. We don’t know how to quit. This keeps us succeeding, and if gone unchecked, it makes us so prone to burning out. 

Achieving my ambitions was literally tied to my survival. Growing up without my basic needs met meant it was on me to create the life that I wanted. That was my beacon towards entrepreneurship. It was also my, “never quit” drive. I put myself through college, then law school. I co-founded and grew a successful law firm. “Quit” was unheard of, but so was pausing. I was so all in, that I was only creating the professional success of my dreams, but not at all the life that I wanted. After several years of working insane hours, being available to my business 24/7, and ignoring what I needed to be a well rounded healthy individual, I burned out hard. “Quitting” still wasn’t in me, but a major remodel was in store so that I could keep succeeding professionally and survive long enough to enjoy the success. 

I hear this from about every entrepreneur I talk to now. You’re in so deep that you’re drowning. You’re afraid that prioritizing yourself might mean everything you’ve worked towards will come crashing down. I’m confident to promise you that it won’t! In fact, your next level of business success depends on you stopping burnout habits and filling your cup back up.

Here’s why and how:

Your business is successful because of your unique creativity. When we’re operating in burnout mode, we can’t access high level creativity. Our body thinks a bear is chasing us. It is survival mode. Our brains short cut to the quickest, easiest answers to get by. Quick, easy answers just to get by are NOT the building blocks of highly successful businesses. Your business needs you running on a full tank to keep innovating and growing. 

Your remodel will be personal to you! Start by keeping a journal. Make notes of everything you do in your business. Which things do you really love and remind you why you started your business. You could do these thing all day every day, happily. These things are going to stay on your plate! Now look at the things that pull the plug on your energy. What do you always procrastinate doing? What do you resent about your business every time it comes up? These are the things to find technology automations for, delegate to other people on your team, or strongly consider eliminating from your business all together! 

Now you can start to breathe again! I know you, don’t go filling this open space with just anything you can find. This space, is your bliss. It’s your surge capacity for your next big dream, and is a sacred space to love your life as an entrepreneur. 

Sarah Dawn, Esq., a business growth expert and host of The Blissed Biz Podcast, helps entrepreneurs and professionals create the business of their dreams that supports a lifestyle they love! She is no stranger to success, 7 figures, overwhelm, burnout, or forging a path to a blissful blend of record-breaking business growth and personal fulfillment. Sarah Dawn has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals to create the business and life of their dreams, as an expert at marrying kickass business growth strategy with unparalleled levels of personal fulfillment. She is a member of both the Texas and Arizona Bar Associations, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and Foundress. She lives a successful and fulfilling life in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and children.