I started my law firm in October 2020—yes, in the middle of the pandemic.

I was working from home when I quit my job, and I continued working from home when I started my insurance claim law firm, Premier Property Law.

Today, our firm is completely remote. We don’t have an office, and our 15 team members work from home or wherever they may be—including me. 

I intentionally structured my firm to be remotely-run and remotely-managed so I could travel.

Traveling is my favorite activity. I have been to 22 countries across 5 continents. It’s my personal goal to set foot on every continent.

Thus far in 2022, I have worked from Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colorado, and Fiji. 

All I need to bring is my laptop and phone, and I can run my business from anywhere … because I set it up that way.

Incorporating international travel into your remote business plan is simple.

First, build (or re-structure) your company with the intention of being CEO.

Be intentional about how you build your company. Many entrepreneurs quit their job only to create another job with their business. They are their “own boss” but cannot take time off because they wear too many hats.

Become the CEO, rather than simply self-employed. Don’t burden yourself with every little task or decision. Allow others to help you build your company, whether that’s a full-scale team or hiring a virtual assistant to handle admin tasks.

Remove yourself from the day-to-day.

As a traveling CEO, you may not be able to get to the daily tasks, such as scheduling calls or responding to emails—especially if you are on a trip with a 12+ hour time difference. Create systems that allow others to handle certain aspects of your company in alignment with your values and vision.

Use online communication systems & control platforms.

Even when I took a two-week trip to Italy, I still had to do my part: Make the business run. I delegated tasks, reviewed our finances, and strategized with senior team members. 

I was able to do this from another continent because my firm uses online communications systems, like Slack and online company management platforms. All internal communication between our team members happens on Slack; email is reserved for external communications. This allows our team to communicate efficiently—without needing to be in the next office over.

Do a short test run before your exotic trip.

Before I went on longer trips to Europe this summer and Australia this fall, I did a shorter “test run” for 5 days in Colorado. I worked only a few hours a day, and tried to check email and notifications less frequently. 

This test run helped me identify weaker areas in our business structure, so I could alter or improve them before going away for several weeks. For example, I realized we needed a full-time intake person because I couldn’t logistically handle sales calls while traveling.

Travel abroad is possible as a business owner.

I used to constantly dream about traveling to exotic places and spending summers abroad. When I started my firm, I wanted the ability to up-and-go when I wanted to, without sacrificing my business vision or goals. Structure your company to fit your ideal lifestyle, and watch the possibilities unfold.

Brittany Alexander, Esq., founder and CEO of Premier Property Law and Host of The Modern Professional Podcast, is revolutionizing the virtual practice of law and teaching other professionals how to create 7-figure businesses with the power of social media marketing and content creation. She launched her firm as a one-woman-show in October 2020 and signed 100 clients within her first 100 days. Through her strategic use of social media platforms like Instagram, she grew her company to $1.78 million with a team of 16 in the first full year, with an advertising budget of zero!