How are you inspiring lives?

I inspire the lives of everyday women through beauty. My business The Look By Joi has been providing brow and makeup services for over 18 years. Soon after opening my business, I realized that others in the beauty industry could benefit from learning and adding brow skills to their services and from there I began teaching people how to make more money in their business doing eyebrows.

In December of 2020, I wanted to create a way to inspire and empower people and help them build pandemic and recession proof businesses. Seeing how many people lost jobs and closed their businesses, I knew I had to figure out a way to share what I know about this billion dollar beauty industry with others. I
teamed up with Artistry Brows and The Perfect Brow Stencil to offer my Microblading to Microshading Tour classes for $1,000 off.

I wanted to offer my classes at a price point anyone could afford to invest in. I have taught over 1,000 people how to make money doing brows and permanent makeup services, even in a pandemic.

What inspired you to do this work that you have chosen to do?

I was the first person in my family to start their own business. I didn’t have a mentor or anyone who could help me along my journey. I hit a lot of bumps along the road and had to learn from trial and error.

Once I realized the true success of my business, I realized I could be the mentor I never had when I started my business. Now I inspire people daily, to not only look and feel beautiful but to believe in themselves and take action towards their business goals.

Is there a story from your life that shows why this work is so important?

When I first started my business, my mom quit her job and started working at my beauty kiosk. I knew she was happy working with me but I was determined to get my business to a place where she could retire and enjoy her life stress free. In 2019, she was able to fully retire!

Being able to do that for my mom made me feel so proud and fulfilled knowing she would be able to live life on her own terms. If the beauty industry could help me retire my mom, I knew it could help so many other people reach their personal and financial goals. This inspired and motivated me to help as many people as I can find success in the beauty industry.

What do you want to tell the women of the world about why it is important to give back to their communities?

It’s so important to give back to your community so we can empower the next generation to do better than us. As successful women, all of our hard work means nothing if it doesn’t positively impact other people’s lives.

Using our first hand experiences to inspire others ensures that they can be prepared in their business and personal lives. Giving back is a huge thank you to your community for supporting you.

Who in your life has been an inspiration to you?

The person who has been an inspiration to me is my mom. When I first opened my business she was working full time. She would come help me in the afternoon after a full day of work. She believed in me and had me train her in all of our services so she could be able to fill any role when needed.

After years of helping me after work and on weekends she ended up quitting her job to work with me full time! Her faith in me and my business is a HUGE reason why I am so successful today. I am forever grateful for her passion and dedication to The Look By Joi and being such a support system for me! She also became a
client favorite and had her own loyal clients that specifically requested her for services. Like I said before, my mom is now retired and enjoying life!

What’s next for you this year and next?

The Look By Joi’s last classes of 2021 will be December 12 and 13 in Atlanta. With the help of The Perfect Brow Stencil and Artistry Brows, I am able to discount these last classes of the year by $1,000. I plan to finish out the year by empowering these students to go into 2022 with a new service that can make them more money while working less.

Additionally, I just launched my mentorship program to walk newbies and beauty pros through step by step how to start, market and scale their beauty business. In 2022, I will be working closely with 20 mentees to get their businesses scaled and on the track to make six figures.

The famous American beauty expert and social media star. She is the strong black female CEO behind The Look By Joi. She has been one of America's go-to experts and innovators in the microblading industry. During the pandemic she created "The 60 Second Brow Kit" which helped those stuck at home get their brows done professionally. Now she travels the country to sold out conferences teaching men and women how to open successful brow and microblading businesses.