I am an actress and a woman business owner named Jessica Eve Scozzola. I am proud to say that I will be celebrating my 40th later this year. I think that women should not be worried about aging – in fact – we should celebrate aging! When a woman ages, they have lived more life and have become even smarter and that much more valuable to society and the world at large from their experiences. There is nothing wrong with aging.
I believe that the only thing that is “wrong” is not following your true goals, purposes and dreams in life. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you from following your path and staying on your path. What have you wanted to achieve ever since you were really young? What are your goals and purposes in life? What big effects do you want to create? You are far more capable than you may realize. There are billions of people that live on this planet and good-hearted women play a huge part in making sure that every man, woman, and child on this planet lead happier and better lives.
I would encourage all good-hearted women to do their best to get on a big platform to reach out and help as many people as they possibly can. When you help one individual, I believe that creates a roll-over effect that helps more people as a result. You aren’t just helping one person when you help. If you help 100 people, you may be helping 1,000 with this roll-over effect. So imagine if you help 1,000 people. You may help 10,000 people as a result. It could be even more than that! I encourage all of you to keep on spreading your beautiful messages and encouraging words to all those around you and in far-away areas as well. There will always be a small percentage of ill-intentioned people out there that will try to discourage and throw you off your path. Never let that stop you in your journey. You are very important.
I love spreading good messages, supporting other good-hearted people, and helping. I want to help millions upon millions of lives out there. I don’t feel that the worth of a woman is defined solely by if she has children or not, if she bought her own house or not, if she has a husband or not. Although there is nothing wrong with having these things, I feel this message is pushed too greatly onto women where they tend to think this is what solely defines their worth. This is not the case.
The women who take good care of their children are very valuable to society at large and I wish the best for all mothers out there. They have a very important job to ensure their children grow up to be very honest, helpful and productive individuals. Sometimes, I feel that mothers don’t get enough credit for all the hard work they put into being a mother and also everything else they have to juggle day-to-day.
I am saying that a woman can choose to not have children and still be extremely valuable to society at large. There are so many children that exist on this planet that need our help. Everyone’s role is different. Some women want to have children and some don’t for their personal reasons. All good-hearted women are very valuable to society and should never ever doubt their worth no matter what role they choose to play.
I know there are millions of children out there who need help and I’m working on my goals where I have no limits so that I can easily travel all over the world to work on my humanitarian goals and film projects, etc. I have big goals. I’m excited for the future and what it holds.
For me personally, there are some women along the way who have helped inspire me. I completely love and respect my great mother. She’s such a kind soul. I always have to thank her for being the beautiful woman that she is.
I will always be grateful for having any of my really good hearted, honest, and supportive female friends along the way that I’ve had. I am also inspired by women that are consistently helping others and setting a great example for others. I get inspired by those who go after their goals and don’t sit around thinking they know everything already. I believe that there is always more to learn about yourself, about others and about life.
Keep learning. Donate to non-profits that help charities (I personally care about stopping drug addiction and lowering the illiteracy rate). And go for your dreams and goals no matter your age!
Jessica Eve Scozzola

My businesses, "VIP Treatment 4U™" and "Surprize™ Supplements," I established more recently. I am looking for affiliates and brand ambassadors for my businesses. With the first business listed, the focus is putting on events to help artists and business owners. I am always looking for like minded business owners that would like to be a business sponsor for my company's red carpet events and other events. There is another focus which is to create commercial, tv and film projects. With the second business listed, the focus is helping connect clients to personal trainers, nutritionists and nutrition response testing practitioners. I also have my own supplement products. I have the following products available right now: Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, Collagen Gummies, Weight Loss Day Time, Weight Loss Night Time, Max Muscle, Joint Support and a 42 Vegetable & Fruit MultiVitamin.