Angela Bell, Founder of The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur and 16 dedicated mom entrepreneurs are reaching for the sky, or rather the New York Times Bestseller List, with their new book, “Mom Magic Mompreneur.” All chapters were authentically written and represent each author’s intimate and relatable perspective on Mompreneurship and the challenges we face as Moms and Entrepreneurs.

“Empowering Moms, empowers the world,” said Ms. Bell. “My mission is to help to empower moms around the world to live their best life, create time & financial freedom via their own business, and use their power to create a better world!”

I created the book series “Mom Magic” to showcase the magic of motherhood and how it’s changing the world.  To recognize all that Moms can do, and emphasize that there is no such thing as, “just a mom”.

With my book chapter in “Mom Magic Mompreneur,” I addressed how hard it is, nowadays, for moms to appreciate themselves. How debilitating the external judgement and internal shame can be.

I believe that moms are the most influential group our society has, and they can create positive changes when they become empowered.

Hanna Olivas, the CEO and Founder of She Rises Studios explained that, “Mom Magic shares vulnerability, truth, and strength. Every Mama has a magical power and this book is your tool to understanding and sharing yours.”

Mom Magic Mompreneur” is written for current and aspiring mompreneurs looking for a way to live the life they know they deserve. A life full of time and financial freedom, and the ability to be a great mom and a great entrepreneur without the Mom-Guilt, fear, and shame that comes with putting themselves first. These women will come out from reading “Mom Magic Mompreneur” more confident, empowered, celebrated, and inspired to honor themselves and create a better life and world for us all.

Our own editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, is one of the many incredible moms who are featured in “Mom Magic Mompreneur” and she really focused on finding the magic in our mom guilt. She stated, “This is the time for Mom Magic Movement. Mothers raise up our future and they deserve the support and comfort that these powerful stories will bring to their lives. We truly are magic!”

This anthology of 17 powerful women from across the globe will help you develop and to take action on all five areas of your Mompreneur Life:

  1. Trust Intuitive Nudges
  2. Believe There is a Better Way
  3. Know You Can Make it Happen
  4. Accept the Challenges with the Rewards
  5. Believe In Yourself and Your Abilities

Join Angela Bell for the Mom Magic Virtual Summit as well as the other 16 amazing authors in “Mom Magic Mompreneur“: Angela Bell, Dr. Shellie Hipsky, Traci Jeske, Hanna Olivas, Julianne Williams, Charissa Lauren, Dr. Emily LeTran, Pauline Grouette, Krystylle Richardson, Dr. Jessica Spradley, Sarah-Jane Layton, Shonie Short, Nessa Lovell, Caroline Passmore, Cathy Callahan, Brittany Flavell, Shavon Leach, Melanie Greenhalgh, and Jennifer Lara.

Mothers can attend from around the world on November 22nd from 10:00-1:00 PM EST. Information on attending the Mom Magic Summit for FREE can be found in the “Mom Magic to Be the Best Version Yourself While Avoiding Mom Guilt and Overwhelm” Facebook Group. There will also be Pop Up Mom Magic Book Bashes in cities around the world from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, to Sydney, Australia.

Angela Bell is the founder of The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur Movement, Podcast, Magazine & TV Show. Angela is on a mission to empower moms around the world to stand in their power, embrace their dreams, and create their own business! Angela is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, business coach for moms, and mom of twins. She has built multiple 7-figure businesses, published several books, and helped hundreds of women launch and grow their own Inspired & Profitable online businesses. Angela is committed to helping other moms live their very best lives on their own terms!