How are you inspiring lives?

I am a transformational teacher and coach. I support women who want to make a big difference in the world, make greater impact, create greater influence and generate more income from their passion and their purpose. I help people all over the world discover the unique gifts they have inside so they can share them with the world and live the life of their dreams.

What inspired you to do this work that you have chosen to do?

I believe I was born to do this work. I have always known that I was here to impact lives.  When I was a corporate executive in a Fortune 100 Biotech company, I built some of the world’s largest coaching teams for patients. The patients had incredible results and many of them even started to heal from lifelong autoimmune illness. Those results fascinated me. For many people, healing from a lifelong autoimmune illness was impossible and yet, it was happening, time and time again. I started to get curious and after traveling around the world and working with neuroscientists, researchers and transformational teachers around the globe, I started to understand that we have far greater potential than we realize! I became obsessed with human potential and the understanding that we can not only heal our bodies, but we can also live our boldest dream life if only we harness the power of our mind. Now, I have the honor of coaching incredible women to harness their innate powers to live the life they have always dreamed.

Is there a story from your life that shows why this work is so important?

Years ago, I was a successful corporate executive. I had everything you could want. A beautiful home, a lake house, cars, a beautiful husband and son, a great career and yet, I wasn’t happy.  I felt guilty about wanting “more” and I didn’t even know what “more” was.

It took a terrible car accident for me to realize that although I had lots of success in my life, I had not yet really lived. There was something in my life that I needed to do, and if I didn’t do it, I would feel immense regret at the end of my life. In that car accident, I felt the depths of that regret and I prayed for the first time ever, hoping that I would survive and be given another opportunity to live. Only this time, I would do what made me come most alive. I would do the thing that I am uniquely here to do. I realized during that accident what a terrible feeling it is to come to the end of your life and realize that you had not yet really lived. I didn’t want anyone else to experience that feeling. Too many people live their lives stressed, overwhelmed and sleepwalking through life. I love to help women fall in love with life again, be who they are born to be and share their mission and message with the world.

What do you want to tell the women of the world about why it is important to give back to their communities?

We all desire to live a life of meaning. It is one of our most significant needs, to make a difference to others. Giving back in your community gives a sense of meaning to your life. It not only helps others, but it helps you too.

Who in your life has been an inspiration to you?

My greatest inspirations are my 10 year old son, Hunter and my husband James. We have been through so much together and they continue to inspire me to be the very best of me.

Additionally, Mary Morrisey is one of my transformational teachers and a tremendous inspiration. It is important to me that those that I learn from, study with and collaborate with live what they teach.  She is the embodiment of what she teaches. She also supports people to transform their lives and  live their greatest dreams. She is such a powerful woman, living her purpose, serving and impacting the globe on a large scale. She is open about her failures in life, and that is part of what is inspiring. I believe that every great and successful person has navigated incredible trials as well and was willing to fail. Mary is an example of that.

What’s next for you this year?

I have a 3-day live event coming up in a couple weeks called Born For This Live where I am helping people tap into their purpose and passion and generate prosperity so that they can make a big impact in the world. Additionally, I have a book launch in December for my When Love Speaks Book. The book is a compilation of 50 different stories written by inspiring people around the world whom I have had the honor and privilege of supporting.