I closed the laptop. I had just finished writing my first book; an intergenerational spiritual journey about my decades-long friendship with the world’s oldest yoga teacher. That same day, my mentor peacefully passed away. A week later, the world shut down. By June 2020, balancing life as a mom, wife and professional, I was burned out. When my Dude asked if I wanted to drive 17 hours to a vacation home in Florida, I thought he was nuts! And then two words followed that opened the possibility for absolute magic: WHY NOT?

When circumstances seem out of control globally, why not act locally? While we couldn’t change the world, we could change OUR world. Three years later, I write this from my desk in our beach home overlooking the ocean. My book’s been published and is now in discussion to be made into a film. I took my expertise in yoga, meditation and breath work off the mat and into the world where people really need it. I now get to spend my days teaching the habits of happiness and success that have transformed my life. After My Guru Wears Heels was released (and kindly shouted out on social media by Tony Robbins) my keynote speaking and coaching careers have flourished. My favorite courses- BEST.TEAM.EVER. (corporate clients) and BEST.LIFE.EVER. (individuals) went virtual. These impact-rich experiences were made even better by zoom! Now people get to choose whether they prefer the full immersion of a retreat, or to experience transformational shifts within the context of their real lives. One of my favorite topics is…



The first step to getting what it is that we truly want in life is learning to ASK FOR IT! It’s not only WHAT we are asking for but HOW we are asking.  Being meticulous with our words is vital as we always want to phrase it as the presence of what we DO want and not the absence of what we DON’T. (TIP- using words like “financially abundant” as opposed to “debt-free”.)


If what you are asking for has ever occurred in the history of time, then it is possible. And if it hasn’t, why not be the first? For them to come to fruition, we must believe in the possibility of our dreams and envision ourselves living in the outcome. 

(TIP- practices like journaling, making vision boards or meditation can be helpful here.)


For many, this is the most challenging step as it can be counterintuitive to let go of being attached to a result that was important enough to ask for in the first place.  This is key; we are better served focusing in an area of our life that is already satisfying to activate satisfaction in other categories. (TIP- if you are looking to make more money, focus on an area that already feels rich- e.g., abundant relationships, good health, joy, etc.)


Finally, gratitude is the key in appreciating what you just manifested and to reset the process. 

(TIP- celebrating your manifestations will bring focus to them and what we focus on, grows.)

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Joanna Rajendran, mindset master and often referenced as “The Peacemaker,” helps people rewrite the script of their lives and live it out in extraordinary ways. For 26 years, Joanna had the rare ability to study under Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Through learning Taos’ mastery, Joanna taught breath, yoga, and meditation, and wrote the book My Guru Wears Heels, outlining their intergenerational spiritual journey and philosophies. Now, Joanna guides her clients to achieve spiritual grounding, inner connection, and tranquility in the everyday through manifestation and practical actionable steps, reminding people of their own magic. In only 12 weeks, Joanna sees her clients transform under her tutelage. She tackles expansive topics such as mindfulness, facing trauma, and creating habits of peace. Joanna has consulted with organizations like Mercy College, Kahana, Tony Robbins’ Platinum Lions, and more to improve communication, enhance efficiency, and increase synergy among their teams. Joanna studied a combination of psychology, communications, and English at SUNY Albany and University of Westminster in London. She’s lived in New York, London, Italy, and now on the beach in Florida with her husband and children, partaking in anything that includes the combination of activity and nature. Joanna loves the local sea turtles, practicing yoga on the beach, paddling on the river, and dance parties in her kitchen.