Sounds like a bit of heaven to step out of your everyday life and go on a health and wellness retreat! That’s exactly why wellness tourism is a growing industry. The idea of going on a wellness and pampering retreat used to be considered something that only the very wealthy could afford, but as our focus on health and wellness grows, so does the affordability of this self-care vacation. Why are retreats a good idea? What should you look for in a retreat? For these answers, I set out on a mission to learn more and share with our Inspiring Lives readers!

The body and mind connection to health has been well-established. Evidence-based research also supports the idea that retreats can have a longer-term benefit to your health. Taking the opportunity to focus on your well-being may be the number one reason to schedule that wellness retreat. A retreat, whether 2 days or 2 months—wishful thinking—is a time to reboot. A time to get away from the daily grind, the social overload, digital overload, or the double and triple booked schedule. A retreat is that chance to revitalize to become a part of the #bepresent movement. A time to reconnect with yourself.

As many reasons to say “yes” to a retreat exist as do different types of retreats. From the super exotic islands to the urban oasis, most retreats have some core common elements. A retreat offers amazing healthy eating options and a beautiful backdrop that helps your senses unwind. Many retreats offer a variety of activities from horseback riding to yoga and meditation classes. Choosing the one for you depends on your budget, what activities you are interested in, whether you want a structured or relaxed schedule, and how much time are you able to go away.

For me, a retreat would be in a warm, beautiful place with activities like hiking and a yoga class. I love trying new foods as well. Since I can only get away for about 5 days, I couldn’t head to far off lands. A one stop plane destination is ideal. While I plan my next dream retreat, I can also savor those moments in between with a scheduled massage and healthy lunch with no electronics!

The most important part of taking that much needed retreat for either a weekend or a week is to keep those healthy lifestyle habits going when you get home! So, find a friend, or be brave and go it alone. The perfect retreat to reconnect, be present, and reap the self-care benefits is only a scheduled appointment with yourself away.

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Alice Beckett-Rumberger, the owner of TheraFusion, is a licensed physical therapist with over 25 years of experience who is trained to teach yoga. She has worked with professional athletes, individuals with disabilities and everyday people wanting to improve their fitness, rehabilitate from an injury, or simply get the most from their bodies! Rumberger is a member of the APTA and a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.