Hundreds of millions of views from around the world of Cat & Nat’s #MOMTRUTH viral videos showed Inspiring Lives Magazine that these mommas have something relatable to tell us! I had a blast shooting the cover with them and taking my team to the Cat & Nat FUN Show where these ladies get moms to let their hair down, have a good night out with friends, and escape the push to be a “perfect mom,” perpetuated in social and traditional media. Inspiring Lives Magazine loves how Cat & Nat say what they are truly thinking from a mom perspective and share it with the community and the world.


NAT:When Cat and I would get in the car together each morning we would grab coffee, take a deep breath, and just talk about the night and morning we had.

CAT:This is a true story:one day in the car, I looked at Nat and said,“We need to do a video series called #MOMTRUTHS!” We were sharing them online but they didn’t have a name. It just felt so right because it the raw honest truth of it all, when no one was really having an honest conversation.

NAT: When we would talk in the car, we saw similarities in what we were dealing with, so we realized that, as moms, we were facing the same challenges, pressures, and joys. These honest conversations became our #MOMTRUTHS, and we knew other moms needed to know they too were not alone.

DR. SHELLIE: What is the most challenging part of being a modern day mom?

NAT:With all the different parenting styles, random studies, research papers, diagnoses, and just overall judgments from everyone and their mother, it is hard to just follow your instincts and feel confident in your own choices in parenting.

CAT:The pressure! The pressure of trying to do it all, be it all, and be “right” in it all. Social Media is like a constant reminder of how you are doing it wrong, and how everyone else is so blissful and happy.

DR. SHELLIE: Let’s talk “Mom Guilt” since I just experienced it today. What makes you feel it, and how do you deal?

NAT:I try to practice being OK with the kind of mom I am each and everyday. I could beat myself up about every choice I make, or I could remind myself I am doing my best and that my kids are happy and so am I. That will just have to be good enough.

CAT:I feel it everyday in some capacity. But then I go back to the root of why we started this.If you think about what you remember of your own mom, was she happy? How did she make you feel?
That is what your kids will remember.Not the hours you worked or didn’t work. It’s the way you made them feel.

DR. SHELLIE: What is your favorite part of being a mom?

CAT:The kids themselves. I mean, they have each other, love each other, and get to do life together. To watch them grow and become people is mind blowing. There is nothing as pure as a child. True happiness, kindness, and unconditional love lies within a child.

NAT:I love having my own little team. Myfour kids are my people wherever I go, and whatever I do, they are behind me (and all over me). I love watching them learn new things, and I love feeling proud of them. I love being the one they turn to in life for direction, and I love leading them. I also love watching how strong I can be as a woman and how much I can manage in life. I’m proud of myself too.

DR. SHELLIE: You are famous for your friendship. What makes your relationship work?

CAT:For some reason, we just do. We are simpatico. It was meant to be. She is just my person.

NAT:We have each other’s back without judgment in all aspects of life everyday. We are each other’s support, inspiration, entertainment and strength. This relationship is unique, it’s equal, and it’s special.

DR. SHELLIE: What are your top 5 survival tips for mommying?

CAT:The truth? (laughs her infectious laugh)
Ok, let’s get real here.
1) Screen time: It may sound horrible but I swear from occupying the little ones while I handle homework with the older one or just buying me a minute to make dinner, screen time is life.
2) Laughing: If you just step back and see the insanity that is called “motherhood.” I mean the embarrassing stories we could all tell, it is almost unbelievably funny (maybe not in the moment but for sure down the road).
3) Messy buns and leggings: Yup. Truth.
4) This community: Honestly being able to share the hard truth with over a million moms has been so humbling and helpful. When you share the truth, and people thank you for it, it is unreal.
5) Confidence in yourself: Just knowing you are doing a good job even though it never feels like it.

1) Don’t do it alone: Get local mom friends with kids the same age as your kids. No one gets it like another mom gets it.
2) Don’t compare yourself to other moms and other families: Your family is one of a kind, and no two households work the same. Decide with your partner what kind of family you want to be, and go with that.
3) Go out with your girls every now and then: a movie, cocktails, dinner and a fun show (yes, The Cat and Nat FUN Show) or any other entertainment that allows you to get out of the house and remind yourself that you still matter and you deserve a break and some fun.
4) Do not be too hard on yourself: We are all doing the best we can and tomorrow is always a new day.“Let it go,” Elsa, “let it go!”
5) Ask for help: Don’t hesitate, and don’t feel bad. Hubby, grandparents, babysitters, and friends. Lean on your community.That is why they are there.

DR. SHELLIE: What is it like to go on tour with your BFF?


NAT:We have each other’s back without judgment in all aspects of life everyday. We are each other’s support, inspiration, entertainment, and strength. This relationship is unique, it’s equal, and it’s special.

DR. SHELLIE: You just got back from a double-family trip to Mexico. What are your suggestions for traveling with kids?

CAT:It is not a vacation, it is a re-location with lots of hiccups and tantrums and all the things that come with kids. Try and remember they won’t remember any of that, they will remember being with the family and having fun. It will never be perfect and often is harder than being home.But they won’t always remember home… they will always remember that trip.

NAT:Ease up on any specific expectations you might have.The kids are little, and they can’t live up to those dreams we had of perfect photos on the beach, quiet dinners, endlessly happy babies, and romantic glasses ofwine on the balconies when the kids go to sleep like in the advertisements. It will be an unpredictable time together but you will make memories. Relax, and enjoy.

DR. SHELLIE: What is most inspiring about Nat?

CAT:She is the most fun mom I know. Dance parties and loud music, candy, late night movie nights.Nat has taught me to celebrate the utter chaos.

DR. SHELLIE: What is most inspiring about Cat?

NAT:Cat is loyal, thoughtful, reliable, hard-working, fun, and smart. She is a confident mom and has a positive energy that is contagious. I just love that girl!

DR. SHELLIE: What #MOMTRUTHS words of wisdom do you want to leave Inspiring Lives Magazine with?

CAT:All that your kids want is you. Not the fit mom, not the Pinterest mom, not the PTA mom, not every other mom you think you should be. All they want is you, so be the happiest you there ever was.

NAT:Moms—life is messy, motherhood is hard, kids are confusing, and marriage is weird.Don’t take it all too seriously. Do your best, and laugh at this tiny disaster you created— it’s all yours!

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