“There aren’t enough hours in a day!”


Do you often find yourself saying this?


Like many women all over the world, you may be trying to get through your day juggling responsibilities only to leave yourself exhausted by nightfall. Yet, during this time where rest should commence, your head is swarming with all the things that you didn’t get to tackle.

You may be starting or operating your own business, in addition to a full-time job. You may also have a spouse, kids, or pets to attend to. And we can’t forget the baskets full of laundry along with the variety of household chores that we are consistently reminded of just by our sight alone.

In an effort to keep our lives in order and allow our day to progress efficiently, we make our to-do lists, hopefully checking off each required action down to the brief emails and phone calls. However, the one thing we tend not to add to the long list is ourselves.

We may feel accomplished at the end of the day, sighing with that deep exhale of relief the moment we can take off our shoes, yet still wondering where the day went as we look at the clock, knowing that the cycle will continue in eight hours or less.

Time management and multitasking are key words that we all understand. Be that as it may, it is essential to add yourself to the mix. Life is too short not to spend a few moments each day taking care of the most precious part of your world . . . YOU.

I need more than just two hands to count the number of days that I’ve said to myself, “I forgot to eat today.” Once I realize that I know it’s time to add me back into the mix.

If this resonates, here are a five ways to put yourself on that to-do list. It only takes five minutes at a time, five times a day. Sound difficult? It’s miraculously simple.



It’s a daily routine that is on everyone’s list; however, showers also have an overwhelming antiaging benefit for various reasons. Although it doesn’t seem long, adding an extra five minutes to your shower allows you to slow down and relax. For an extra benefit, use that time to wash with rejuvenating body washes or for five minutes of positive autosuggestion or meditation.



Whether you drink coffee, tea, or any other morning drink, take five minutes of that time and add in some reading or crosswords or just sit outside. We are so used to starting our day multitasking as we drink our coffee or tea while getting dressed, making beds or even watching the traffic and weather reports rather than utilizing our morning pick-me-up as a delicious delight. The habit of the five-minute coffee break allows you to ease into your day, thus putting you in a better and more productive frame of mind.


Women are social creatures. Part of our beauty is the genuine connection we make with others. More times than not, we hear women saying, “I haven’t talked to my friend in so long.” True connection is a part of feeling fulfilled. Carve out five minutes every day to call a friend. Give 100% of your attention to the call. This means that you’re not driving, you’re not on a headset trying not to burn dinner at the same time, and you’re not focusing part of your attention on any other chore. Both of you will appreciate these five special minutes more than you realize.


We all know how important it is to add exercise to your daily life, but it’s equally important to balance that with calming energy. Taking a five-minute stroll down the street gives you time to enjoy all that nature offers you. Allow the stroll to be “you” time. No kids, no spouse, no dog, just you. It not only improves circulation but gives you the opportunity to breathe deeply and wipe the hustle and bustle of the day from your mind.


As women, we understand that one of the most gratifying moments of the day is when you finally get to sit down and take off your shoes. Amplify that feeling by giving yourself a much-needed foot rub. Our feet take the brunt of our weight—not to mention being smashed into uncomfortable shoes—so show them some appreciation.

Adding each one of these to your day is effortless. It immediately gives you twenty-five minutes a day that you are paying attention to you! These tiny moments have infinite effects. Test it out and don’t be surprised if you start lengthening the time because you will enjoy making yourself a priority.

Jess Branas is a dating coach, author, and radio personality; plus Jess is also an avid music lover with a talent for beats.