If you were to really stretch yourself, what is it you would really want? What would you want to be doing? What would you want to have? Who would you want to be? Who do you need to be, and what do you need to do to get there?

  1. Involve your audience from the beginning.

Involving your audience through the entire process of your book project is one of the most important factors of writing a book. Even though writing a book is a very per­sonal journey, you need your followers to buy your book.

If your end goal is to have your book on the Amazon best sellers list, then you need to involve them in the entire process, which means telling them the day you started writing and how many words you have written that day.

  1. Research your cover design.

“Never judge a book by its cover” is a famous say­ing that we have heard for centuries. Unfortunately, this quote no longer stands strong. We live in a visual world, and appearance is everything! When it comes to choosing your cover design, ask your Facebook com­munities what image they see in their minds when it comes to the topic you are writing your book about. For example, you can post: “If I said the word ‘forgiveness’ to you, what image pops into your mind right now?” Take note of what they tell you, and strongly consider what your audience says because what you think is right may not actually sell.

  1. Thunderclap your launch.

There is a wonderful new way to get the word out about your book launch, and this platform is called Thunderclap. This platform will allow you to create a social media post and add the link to the destination of your book sales page, which will automatically send out a post to friends’ pages, as well as your own, on book launch day. By gathering up your friends to assist in your campaign, you are furthering your social media reach on book launch day.

  1. Book signings in person.

Bookstores like to keep an eye on the best sellers list to see which books are in the top 100. They know by doing it this way, they can fill their bookstores with books that have more opportunity to sell faster, espe­cially Barnes & Noble, or Waterstones in the United Kingdom.

When your book hits the best seller list, check online to see if your book appears on the bookstore’s website. As soon as you notice it, call them up, and arrange an in-store book signing event with them.

Kate Gardner is a best-selling author of 15 books and CEO of The Missing Piece Publishing, which is the publisher of an international best-selling book series and magazine. Kate is an expert publisher who has created over 120 international best-selling authors and consulted with TV personalities and award-winning Hollywood film directors