Money: the dreaded topic. It’s one of those subjects we avoid with our friends, families, coworkers, spouses, and most often with ourselves. Now is the time to have that conversation. Stop putting your finances and your financial future on the back-burner. It’s never too late—or too soon—to begin illustrating a plan for your financial future. Set those financial and retirement goals you have been avoiding. You don’t have to do it alone. Together, we got this! Let’s get fired up about finances.

One way I encourage my clients to diversify their financial portfolios by investing in a variety of mutual funds, each with different objectives, risk parameters, and investment themes.

In my career, I know a lot about the rewards of risk, as well as diversity. My career path itself has been diverse, taking me from a new graduate with a biology degree to customer service at an insurance company in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa. During my time there, I obtained my master’s in business administration and then my real estate license as my roles changed and diversified. I loved the job, but I felt like something was missing and a greater career opportunity was waiting for me. Then in early 2016, with the support and encouragement of my incredible husband, father, and family, I jumped on the path of becoming a financial advisor. I knew in my heart I would have an amazing mentor, my father with his over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Throughout my life, he has always been an incredible supporter, motivator, and cheerleader. Together, we would achieve my goal of being happy in my career.

Ignite the Financial Flame

My career path is nothing short of diverse; yet, it led me to where I am today. None of this happened to me. I sought the opportunities and took the risks. I want you to do the same because you won’t achieve your financial savings and retirement goals and grow your wealth if you don’t put a plan in place and accept some of the risks that come with investing. Too often, people say they will start planning their financial or retirement future when X, Y, or Z happens, but the time to start is now.

Power through Planning – Saving and Investing

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We all know that! But it also doesn’t grow by sitting in a bank account. As my father says, “Money in a bank account only accumulates. You want to grow your money.” If it’s suitable to your risk tolerance, why not let your hard-earned money work for you by investing in the market? It’s more than investing the money; it’s about investing in your children’s future, your family’s future, and ultimately your future. It’s about planning!

Facing the Fear of Financial Risk

The biggest concern many people have stemmed from the lack of understanding on what investing and finance actually means. I am a huge believer in taking a risk; however, the risk must be relative to your particular situation, tolerance, experiences, knowledge, and goals.
At the end of the day, your financial future is in your hands. The responsibility falls to you, but a financial advisor can certainly help.

Like parents, financial advisors teach, encourage, and help you grow and become independent. A financial advisor provides you with the tools and resources you need to help accumulate and protect your wealth and ultimately meet your current and future financial objectives.

This is my goal. This is my passion. I want to educate and empower you by being your advisor.
None of us learned to walk without taking the initial steps we needed to gain our sense of balance. We fell. We held onto something along the way. Yet, we all got up and eventually walked. The journey on your financial path is similar, but let’s walk it together.

Together we will layout a comprehensive financial path that is structured to your unique goals, objectives, and strategies now and well into the future. The journey won’t stop there. Adjustments will need to be made as things change in your life. Each new beginning creates a new opportunity for growth and adjustment.
Get fired up about your finances and secure your future today. Seek out a trusted financial advisor! While my clients are as diverse as their portfolios, my passion is working with women who own small businesses. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to help you grow your wealth!
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