So you want to do some “crazy business” on your own despite the opinions of oth­ers who say it would never work. Right? You wrote out your intentions, created a list of goals, pasted up some vision boards, meditated on it, and have no idea where to start taking action. Well I, for one, am abso­lutely elated for you.

I know first-hand what this means for you—using your gifts to help others, intending the success, firing up your passion to drive you into action, and person­ally reaping the benefits. It means despite obstacles, nay-sayers, negative opinions, fear, and maybe even the fact you view past trials as a failure, you are going for it anyway. But hey, who are we to tell the thousands of women all over the globe who are major success gurus that it cannot be done?

Success is a wrapped gift box. Each one is wrapped dif­ferently for each person; the vision is unique for everyone. What does an entrepreneurial empire look like to you?

Write a list of people who you know, or admire, who are doing what you want to do and are who you aspire to become. Read about their history. You will find out many started without being set up for success and fig­ured it out along the way, paid laser focus and attention to their own inner voice and guidance system, and went for what made them feel happiest.

Remember five years ago when you had that vision of what success would mean for you? How close are you to that goal? Have you been listening to doubt and the opinions of others? Get yourself around 5–10 people who are more successful than you are. Listen, learn, ask questions, and feel good, and that vibration will return to match it.

If you are reading this, chances are most likely that you have read it all before. But just in case, let’s list the keys to success, and see which ones you need to polish.

What makes you happiest? The answer here is a key to finding out what your gifts are. How would life look for you? Where would you be living? What would you be doing every day? What would the weather be like, your home, your routine? How would your life change, and more importantly, how would the lives around you change and be effected because you feel this happy and live each day using your gifts…live each day doing what you were meant to do?

How far away are you from this life? How could it work? What steps do you really need to take in order for you to get there? If there are 20 steps, can you break them up into four groups of five steps to help create a timeline? Having a time frame will help you see the reality of reaching your goals and help motivate you to keep going.

Being an entrepre­neur almost always signifies that what you have to offer for mon­ey (you have to make a living) is going to help people. In some way, you will offer your ideas, skills, gifts, time, or products, and it will help solve a problem for them and change their lives. Even if you are selling clothes, a simple product offer at a discounted rate can mean the profit from their purchase from you goes to a charity. There is always a way to help others, especially a group of peo­ple or a community that is personally important to you. I do this with my own businesses, and we help several charities now. It feels amazing to be able to give. If you could help a group or a community of people, what impact would you like to make? How improved would their lives be because of your donations?

Why would this not work? Several reasons. It doesn’t match the vibration you have, the vision you have, the gifts you have. A great business idea might become highly successful, but if it doesn’t match your vibration and your vision for what truly makes you happiest, that vision will continue to return. Again and again. No mat­ter what path you start; your gifts are a living call to you to return to the setting where you really thrive.

Checks and balances: How do you feel? Are you closer to your goal or further away? Is what you are doing your idea or someone else’s? Is what you are doing what you had in mind from your happiest day when you had a blank slate and many choices? The truth is that you have all of those same choices now. Exercise your mindset in remembrance that you deserve wealth, health, safety, love, kindness, respect, and success. Everything that matches doubt, fear, opinions of others, negative spac­es…replace them with the opposite.

Ask these questions: why would it work? What would be the smoothest path? What would take the least mon­ey? What would it take to pay for this without effort? What are people in support of my dreams? How can I improve on my development in areas that will help me support my dreams and take action on them?

Now that you have answered the questions, know what your gifts and passions are, and are ready to start, things are going to happen very quickly. Especially when it is time to sleep—your mind will not want to. Once you begin to step out onto your path, it starts to light up. You will see a bigger picture of what’s ahead, and just how small your initial idea was—and how much more life is offering you, and how many more gifts you actually have. Truly a beautiful experience.

I have a client who was in a multi-level network mar­keting company. I instantly saw what her gifts were, although she did not. She viewed herself as shy and hardly competent at her business. We set goals, and she followed them and got a company Mercedes from her rank advancement. Then I asked her, “Now that you have reached this milestone in your company, what’s next?” My client had no response because she viewed this as a job. She would work, get paid. Sell stuff, get paid. Maintain her rank, work, get paid.

I continued to press her and ask her about her gifts. What made her truly happiest in life, and she said she loved speak­ing on the stage to the company about her rank advance­ment. She had spoken to about a thousand people and realized she wasn’t as shy as she thought she was. Over time, we heart-stormed her giving heart, her speaking gifts, and her entrepreneurial spirit, and she launched her own non-profit. She still has her Mercedes and is work­ing for the company, but she is also traveling and speak­ing and helping survivors of domestic abuse overcome their fears and go back to school and the workforce.

At first, my client wanted to get her car payment paid for by her company, so we set small goals. She envisioned sitting in her new car, smelling the leather, holding the smooth steering wheel, adjusting her mirrors, backing out of her driveway, her purse in the passenger seat, driving down the freeway, changing radio stations. She breathed in the new car smell and imagined owning that car. I assigned her to do this each morning, and each night for two weeks. Now she has it. And better still, she has more than she even considered she wanted to begin with and also has more to be able to give to others—liv­ing fully in her purpose. She manifested her entrepre­neurial empire and is still going.

So I ask you this, what does an entrepreneurial empire look like to you? Your success and gifts are waiting for you.

Tarra Flores Sloan is Cofounder of Heart Entrepreneur's Association, International, President of Blueprint Bloom, CEO of Fly Tots, #1 Best Selling Author of Manifest It All, Because Why Not You, and author of the Izzy Bella Children's Book Series. Tarra has been the recipient of two consecutive years in a row the Best of 2015 and 2016 Thumbtack For Professionals award and most recently was a speaker at the Manifest It All Summit, in Sacramento, California. Tarra has been hosted for book signings across California and most recently at Avid at Tower Book store where her books are made available--as well as Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Tarra has been featured as the 2016 Extraordinary Women of Strength and Courage campaign Strong Willed Survivor in May 2016, on Empowering Women Talk Show, Modern Latina Magazine, Ardent For Life Magazine, The Business Journal, 40 And Wiser, by Jessica Peterson and Yvonne A. Jones; and is 1 of 100 women interviewed and featured from women around the globe in the #1 International Best Selling Trilogy Common Threads: Empowerment by Dr. Shellie Hipsky. Tarra is a member of the Global Sisterhood, Women Fiction Writer's Association, Nonfiction Author's Association and Women Speaker's Association. Most importantly Tarra is a wife and mother, enjoys art, yoga and her culture, and the entrepreneurial path as a serial investor.