By Megan Tull

There is no doubt that this is a time of tremendous opportunity . . . especially for women.

More now than ever before, women are having a massive positive impact on our economy and providing solutions to many areas around our economic challenges.
But, as a business success strategist, I have found that many women struggle with not truly understanding the unique value that they offer, resulting in not being able to present themselves with confidence or ask for/charge what they’re worth. This can prevent them from reaching their true potential.
Typically, this manifests by giving your time, gifts, and talents away. Examples of this may be letting people take advantage of you, volunteering too much, spending extra time with clients, not setting solid boundaries, not charging enough for your services, or not feeling comfortable asking for a raise.
These situations all come from having low self-worth, not understanding your unique value.

I experienced this before. I felt like every aspect of my life—my relationships, running my business, attracting new clients—was such a struggle. It was as if

I were metaphorically pushing a 300 lb. boulder up a hill!

I am typically a very confident and determined person, up for any challenge that comes my way, but after years of this forcing and pushing, I was exhausted. Even though I got some results in my business and was even able to triple my income with my first home-based business, my relationships, quality of life, and sanity were being challenged daily. This way of operating was not sustainable.

After taking some time to gain clarity around what was happening and doing some self-reflection, I came to the conclusion that I was doing all of the things I felt like I needed to do or “should” be doing according to those around me—the things that worked for others, but not necessarily the things that would work well for, or come naturally to, me.

I decided to focus on what I truly wanted, what I was passionate about, and how I could use my gifts in the most impactful way. That was when everything shifted for me. I went from struggle to flow, ease, and grace. From limitation to unlimited potential.
I decided I was good enough, that I had tremendous value to share and that I already possessed everything I needed to be successful and fulfilled.
How you value yourself and what you have to offer will impact all areas of your life.

Your value is made up of four main areas: your God-given gifts and talents, your education, your skills, and your life experiences.
No one on the planet is like you. You are an amazing and unique individual! When you’re ready to fully show up as your authentic self, bringing all of what you have to offer, then the right people and opportunities that support you and your goals will be attracted to you.

A great way to aid in building your value is by investing in yourself. The fact is that there is no better investment you can make than in yourself. Investing in yourself sends a powerful message to yourself and the world. The message is, “The value and potential I possess are important enough to me that I am going to give it the energy, space, and time to grow and create results.”

When you invest in yourself, especially professionally, opportunities will begin to present themselves, assisting you in moving forward.
This has happened to me and many of my clients, countless times. It’s like magic!

Investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially will allow you to become the best version of yourself. When you are the best version of yourself you will be an attraction magnet to others.

We are all blessed with our own unique gifts, and it’s our responsibility to share them. When you operate from a space of offering tremendous service, using your gifts to help others while providing value, then you will have the ability to make an incredible impact in this world!
Sharing your gifts in this way will allow you to be fulfilled, get paid generously, and passionately live your purpose.
It’s time to adopt this new belief about yourself and stand in your power when it comes to the value that your offer.
This is how you can own your value, so you can earn your worth!

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