Brianna Brown made her way from Apple Valley, Minn., to LA when she was 19. But she began her acting journey years before, at the age of just 14, as she sought and found representation where she lived. Brown said she can clearly remember the moment when she felt inspired to act and why, telling her mother on a car ride home, “I want to be an actor because actors can be more powerful than politicians.”

Looking back on her bold jump into the business at such a young age, Brown said, “I knew that if I didn’t try I would always regret it, and I did not want that to be my story.”

Now, shining brighter than ever in her 30s, she has achieved the lifestyle of a successful Hollywood actress, founder of the non-profit The New Hollywood, and author of her annual guidebook Manifesting Your Mission. You will see her most recent screen work on The CW show, Dynasty, which is only one of many television shows she’s played a part in.


Brianna, can you tell us a little about The New Hollywood and how you got started?


The New Hollywood is a non-profit created to support socially conscious storytellers and change makers. Our mission is to help people through mentorship programs, goal setting, and accountability.

The inspiration came from the necessity and search for a like-minded tribe, which started with women inspiring and building each other up. Now The New Hollywood has transformed into a universal platform.

I didn’t want my creativity to be dictated—I wanted to give in my own way. So, I decided to create something that helps others the way I thought would benefit them the most. I have a knack for making complicated things concise. I believe that my inconsistent job setting helped me build a lot of different skill sets, which helped me along this path.


Never before have so many tools been accessible to help you be successful, and never before has it been easier to be distracted and stay in victimhood.”


We are accustomed to so many things that are normalized in society but are actually addictions, a way to feel numb and avoid facing something in our lives. Every moment is our choice, but we are being influenced without even realizing it. Many people have this illusion that we can immediately figure everything out and have all the answers, but life is not that simple. Personal development takes learning from others, listening, and being open—noticing what does and does not resonate in your life.

We need to teach people that it’s ok to fall down and mess up. And like going into an algebra class, you are not going to know how to do everything in one day. As adults, we have high expectations of ourselves—we think if we don’t know it all, we shouldn’t try. That’s a weird and unfortunate thing we do to ourselves. The New Hollywood provides our members with the resources to stay on track.


What does your Manifesting Your Mission guidebook consist of, and where can we find it?


Manifesting Your Mission, is an annual guidebook, so each year we change it up. It focuses on goal setting and awareness of one’s perception and thoughts, and it helps the reader eliminate limiting beliefs and discover how to shift the things that are not working in their current circumstances.

A dear friend of mine asked me to collaborate on a book, and during our beginning stages of writing, I realized it needed to be more than just a goal-setting book. We needed to really inspire people to get out of their own way.

I love this quote by Melinda Gates: “What we don’t measure, we don’t work on.” It’s been important in my life to notice when something is not working and really pay attention to it instead of glossing over it. Whether it’s money, relationships, or anything else in your life, if you don’t measure where growth needs to happen, you won’t improve. This guidebook is a way to really dig into that and help your mindset grow.

You can find this spiral guidebook on my website at

Brittney Jarrett resides in the Los Angeles area as our journalist on the west coast. She also created the My Inner Critic movement to educate the realities of mental health and strives to help society reach their greatest potential.