When we think about being happier each day, we can’t help but think about how both men and women look and feel about their hairstyle. Let’s face it…we wear our hair every day. Our hairstyle, makeup, clothing, and accessories greatly influence how we feel or deal with our daily lives’ balancing acts.

We want to share with you the best way to recreate your salon look at home.

Where did my stylist put product in my hair? On the top, scalp, root, or ends? I think this mousse, spray, or gel was…well, I’ll just plop it in all over, and see what happens. After all, my stylist said this product is the best for this style.

So you put a handful of mousse or spray way too much gel in your hair, and it looks more like a before instead of an after. This is why we created The Zone Application Technique™.

The Zone™ product placement system helps our clients understand that where you put your product on the hair strands is vital to create the desired results in shampooing, conditioning, styling, and finishing rituals.

Below is The Zone™ Mantra, which reminds you where the product your stylist recommended ought to be placed for you to have the most successful results during your styling rituals. It explains what and why the numbers are located on the back of all Izzazu Brand products and can help guide you with many other professional lines as well.

In summary, our Zone™ Mantra, describes the starting points of each product’s application during your daily routine. Understanding the techniques your stylist uses will save you time and money and keep you empowered as you begin your day or simply go from your office look to an evening look for a function.


Zone™ Mantra

Zone 1: Volume (mousses, volumizing sprays) and Shampooing Rituals

Zone 2: Control Frizz and/or Create Strength (smoothing balms, creams)

Zone 3: Movement (molding putties, hair sprays) and Conditioning Rituals


We believe after you master your hair strand zones and the best area to apply product, you will achieve your salon look at home and begin each day happier while looking and feeling even better!

Your style is our passion,

Emilio & Gino

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