Curtains have opened. The raw excitement of performing on stage bubbles up inside. Just knowing you are impacting so many… this is a dream of countless numbers of people. The awe inspiring moment where the eager faces are staring up at you from the audience, waiting for the next dramatic scene. This atmosphere is unmatched and incomprehensible until you have been blessed with the ability to be in such a position. Thinking about that feeling is exhilarating, and Lisa Howard knows all too well the exceeding joy that encompasses performing for an engaged live audience. Lisa is a Broadway singer who lends her extraordinary voice and acting prowess to shows. She played Jenny Steinberg in It Should Have Been You, in an elegant and sensational performance that truly emphasized her vocal range.

All of these magnificent, show-stopping numbers by Lisa and her Broadway friends were shockingly and quickly put to a halt. Covid-19 sent a shockwave like nothing ever felt before in our lifetime. In a flash, businesses were shutting down, and Broadway shows were cancelled. Lisa was about to make an unplanned and exciting pivot. 

When an undesirable circumstance comes at you head on, there are choices that need to be made. For Lisa, she took the craft that she spent years perfecting, and asked herself a simple, yet profound question: “How can I use my gifts to be of service to others?” As a child Lisa was intrigued by show business, with a passion for singing. From early on, elementary school to be exact, Lisa was lighting up the stage when she was given a solo part for a school performance. She went on to earn an Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati (CCM). Currently, she is able to promote Broadway in other ways, by performing in virtual shows, to give the audience welcome entertainment. Lisa had received voice lessons herself, and as an attempt to help others, she now offers voice lessons for those who seek this assistance. That is such an exciting offer from someone with Lisa’s level of expertise and talent! Lisa stated, “ I am willing to help other people reach their goals as well. I am not competitive, I want to help others learn.” 

As an artist, Lisa was able to expand her skills into film, after she received a call from her new manager, asking about interest in auditioning for a huge saga. Lisa went ahead and landed a role in the Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn-Part 2. Her character was astounding as Lisa took on the role of Siobhan, who had a special power to will a situation the way she wanted it to go. When asked if acting on the stage was much different than acting on a movie set, Lisa explained, “you use the same skills, but in a different way.” Lisa fully embraced acting for the camera and loved the chance to experience first-hand, the creation of a story in the life of Edward and Bella (portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart). 

Living the life of a performer is never guaranteed, you never know if and when another opportunity to audition for a new role will arise. Due to this, Lisa had to find ways conducive to bring in financial gain that aligned with her interests. One such opportunity that was presented to her was with a clothing company. She hesitated at the thought for a while, however with the extra time presented through Covid, Lisa took the leap and dove into learning all about becoming a brand partner for an athletic clothing line, and really enjoys promoting comfort with style. Lisa said that, “the prices are a little higher, however they are worth it, because they last.” Lisa advocates for Savvi clothes through selling them, and wearing them herself. Helping other women feel their most comfortable in their everyday wear is important to Lisa.

Passionate pursuits are what every person strives to achieve in their lifetime. It all means something different to each person. For Lisa, not only has she found her true calling as a Broadway performer, she also embraces any opportunity to be a mentor. Lisa gave great advice for anyone who asks how she has accomplished everything in her life, “Find that part within you that believes in yourself, what is right for you.” Delving deep into this thought is a pivotal step in knowing that once you pinpoint your strengths and desires, letting go of doubts and fear, your chance at success increases exponentially. In some situations a perspective change is necessary for growth and evolving as a more whole individual.

In looking to inspiring individuals such as Lisa, and learning from them, we can find light and hope to consider the possibility that we can turn our own dreams into reality. Stay tuned for so much more to come in the future Broadway endeavors by Lisa, as she plans to set her sights high and continue to once again soar in her profession.

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