As a little girl, I always dreamed of being in a pageant. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a real princess, right? So my mom finally agreed to let me try one. At age 6, I was in my first pageant, and although I didn’t win, I had a blast being on a stage and making friends. I couldn’t wait for the next pageant.

It was before Facebook and other social media sites made it easy to find events in the area, so my mom could only find a couple pageants. I competed for several years in a few local pageants but again didn’t win.

Through the years of trying, my mom wasn’t sure if she liked what pageants were about on the surface. Girls getting all dressed up, makeup, hair…it all appeared very superficial. But watching and learning, she started to express to me that “it’s not the crown that makes you the princess but what you do with it.”

Through Facebook, my mom connected with a college friend whose daughter just happened to do pageants! With Becky and Cait’s help, not only did I win my first pageant, but they helped to show us the power of the crown.

One of my very first appearances with my first title of Jr. Miss Riverfest was to perform at a local nursing home. My mom and I both saw that the crown opened up opportunities for me to volunteer. Since then, I have logged way over 400 hours of community service and have received two gold presidential pins. I went on to win numerous titles, including USA National Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Teen 2014, Jr. Teen Miss Pittsburgh 2012, American Royal Beauties Miss Pennsylvania Teen 2015, and Miss Reigning America National Senior Spokesmodel 2015.

More importantly, I have shown other girls that they too can volunteer in their communities and make a difference. My pageant “sisters” and I have spent numerous hours volunteering at our library and community events, collecting items for charities, making meals at the Ronald McDonald House, and walking and forming teams for various walkathons.

Through the Global Sisterhood, I hope to expand my platform of volunteering by teaching girls all over the world how they too can make a difference. I have already spoken via video to the Xceptional Teens Empowerment Fair in Africa and hope to go on my first mission trip in 2017. As the ambassador for the Next Generation of the Global Sisterhood, I want to show others that one act of kindness does have the power to change the world!

Samantha Roth is the ambassador for the Next Generation Global Sisterhood, and she is the Miss Reigning America. The Next Generation Global Sisterhood includes women around the world who volunteer for great causes. It is a spin off of the successful non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity. The mission of the Global Sisterhood is to educate while providing resources and networking for women and girls internationally. By forming connections and supporting each other’s missions and movements, we will provide sustainable ways for women throughout the world to make their goals and dreams a reality.

1The Next Generation of the Global Sisterhood

2The Next Generation of the Global Sisterhood

3The Next Generation of the Global Sisterhood