Inspiring Lives Magazineasked our New York City-based contributor, Jenn Lederer, to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and scope out the upcoming trends we can expect to see in Spring/Summer 2018 fashion. From high-end to every-day looks to athleisure and everything in between, NYFW delivered in a big way, as always!
The energy of the room is electric as the models take each intentional step to the beat of the music that’s pulsing through the speakers. The runway is lined with anyone who is anyone in the NYC fashion scene. Everyone from students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City) to designers to buyers to YouTube personalities to journalists was in the audience, and they were all enthralled with each piece of fashion that walked by.
The fashions featured here are from the Prêt-à-Porterrunway show, a style that translates to ready-to-wear. Each designer’s collection that walked the runway interpreted how the everyday look could be worn as a statement piece, adding an element of confidence and allure to an otherwise common style.

Sharp angles and over-sized sleeves that drip down to the knee were popular themes being explored, along with bold colors, textures, and draping fabrics that dance with the body as it moves through space.

Even though each designer had their own interpretation of this beautiful prêt-à-porter-style, one trend is abundantly clear: 2018 is the time to step out of your comfort zone and make bold choices! Whether it’s a blazer with sharp angles, pants that have more movement than your summer maxi dress, crop top turtlenecks, or bright red thigh high boots, whatever you choose to put on, have fun, and go big!

Jenn Lederer is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and creator of the podcast, Weekly Alignment™ (where humor meets wellness & business). While she works with a broad spectrum of clients, Jenn’s experience as the former COO of a talent management company gives her a unique insight working with those in the entertainment industry. With her wicked sense of humor, intuition, and no-bullshit approach to coaching & wellness, she is able to help her clients authentically see themselves and stop playing small. She can help guide you to the other side of fear; identify your patterns that hold you back and help you to redefine them so that you can authentically show up in the world.