Are you getting on an airplane anytime soon? While reaching your final destination is always the goal, we all can agree that getting there is quite a process. From deciding what to pack while staying within the 50lb weight limit to checking in at the airport—traveling can be a headache when we are not prepared. These 9 tips are meant to help you avoid stress and keep you traveling in style!

  1. TSA PreCheck

Avoid “mile-long” security lines and take advantage of TSA PreCheck. With PreCheck, you can pass through security quickly—and don’t have to take off your shoes or jacket or remove your laptop from your carry-on.

  1. Pashmina Scarf

A beautiful pashmina scarf is a versatile must-have when traveling. It is lightweight, easy to pack, and comfortable, yet it can provide real warmth on a chilly flight. Headed to the beach or a cold climate? It can be worn both as a cover-up and with eveningwear.

  1. Perfect Carry-on

CARGO by Cynthia Bailey is her newest venture in luxury travel luggage made of high-end leather, suede, and mohair designed for the fashionista who is always on the go. Whether you are headed on a weekend getaway or a weeklong cruise, CARGO has many stylish options that are the perfect carry-on size.

  1. Dresses

Headed to a warm or tropical climate? You can never go wrong with dresses. They are easy to pack, and you don’t have to be concerned with coordinating as much. Dresses also come in many varieties—from maxi to cocktail—so there is something flattering for everyone. Pair with flats or heels, and you are ready to go.

  1. Perfect Flats

As much as many of us love our heels, when traveling, you will thank yourself for packing a stylish and comfortable pair of flats. Of course, like anything else, they come in many styles. Whether a ballet flat, moccasin, or slip on, a style is available that your feet will love.

  1. Bold Accessories

Bold accessories from jewelry and hats to bags can easily and effortlessly play up a simple look. Add a touch of glam to a simple back dress by pairing it with a bold necklace. When accessorizing, opt for bold colors, and think BIG!

  1. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are total lifesavers! Use them to store your dirty clothes or wet bathing suits or even for packaging your jewelry. They are also good for storing beauty products so they don’t spill in your luggage.

  1. A Good Book

If you have a long flight or plan on spending time on the beach, having a great book with you is handy. Bring a book you have always wanted to read and haven’t found the time to because a long plane ride or layover is a great opportunity to fit some reading in— or even better when sunbathing at the beach.

  1. Don’t Bring Anything You Don’t Mind Losing

A good rule of thumb is to leave things that are near and dear at home. Whether jewelry or a pair of shoes, some things are just better left behind. The worst thing is having a great vacation and having your experience tarnished because you lost something you value.

I hope these are helpful. Happy traveling!


Award-winning entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and event producer, Wadria Taylor, is the creator of Style & Steel, a leading integrated marketing and event production firm. She is also the founder and director of Style Week Pittsburgh, an annual week-long event series that springboards fashion and style trailblazers onto the world stage of fashion.