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Meet Catherine Hughes. Hailing from a small town southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dubbed "the most boring town in Pennsylvania," Catherine Hughes is the daughter of two English professors. She is a passionate advocate, innovative storyteller, and community strategist. For over seventeen years, she has provided comprehensive support and passionate advocacy to individuals and self-advocates, their families, and surrounding natural supports throughout their communities. She considers herself a servant leader, one who cultivates, develops and maintains relationships with grace and grit in order to create, enhance, and promote services and programs that transform lives. On a personal level, her calling (not a career) allows her to give back some of what has so graciously been given to her family. She proudly serves as the Director of Family Support and Community Engagement at Achieving True Self, servicing families across the Northeastern U.S. Within her own business as the founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at The Caffeinated Advocate, Catherine is an international best-selling author and/or editor of almost twenty books, a blogger, certified master life coach, trainer, and speaker. She also partners with Grace & Hope Consulting, serving as a life coach for caregivers and editor-in-chief for their hybrid publishing clients. Living with her in that "boring" (ok, it's not actually boring) town and very much not boring household are Mama Betty, Christian, and their pets Callie, Cookie, Candie, Hannah, Maddie and Raven the Cats -- yes six cats -- and the one and only Abby Dog. *** Connect with Catherine The Caffeinated Advocate: Amazon: Clubhouse: @chughescaffadv Facebook: @caffeinatedadvocate Instagram: @caffeinatedadvocate LinkedIn: @catherineahughes Pinterest: @caffeinatedadvocate TikTok: @caffeinatedadvocate YouTube: The Caffeinated Advocate