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Grace L. Holden’s story of overcoming the unimaginable is nothing short of astounding. A victim of child sex-trafficking, severe bullying, and neglect, Ms. Holden’s life could have understandably taken a turn into an unrelenting cycle of self-sabotage and self- destruction. Because of her determination, resilience, and the promise that she would no longer be a casualty of her past, she completely changed her life. She brings her fierce and down-to-earth attitude onto stages globally and nationwide, telling her story as a gift to inspire others to use their unfortunate experiences as a tool to help spark the fuse in their success. Early in life, Grace started writing and journaling as a therapeutic release from her broken past. She later realized that she could help others by sharing her story and did so her best-selling works being “Dirty,” “F.L.Y.” (First Love Yourself), and “Overcomer”. Grace has devoted more than 20 years of her life to providing full-scale plans for event management, skyrocketing her to the top of her industry. Using her eclectic experience, she became the founder and CEO of Real Champions League, LLC. Her organization turns budding speakers into authentic brands. Grace personally provides one-on-one coaching, coupled with unmatched guidance. She helps her clients build profitable and sustainable businesses along the way. Grace understands that without community support, the chance of success can diminish significantly. She created an exclusive and thriving community that gives her members the power to break barriers, provide support, and continue on the path to self-discovery. Grace L. Holden’s power-packed workshops, seminars, keynote addresses, coaching sessions, and inspiring community cultivate an environment for the ordinary to evolve into the extraordinary. Her message is: “self-preservation starts with the decision to love yourself above everything else.”

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