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Ray Warner is an emotional intelligence life coach, collaborating with women to conquer imposter syndrome and rediscover their innate confidence. After suddenly losing his first wife, Ray went through his own transformational journey where he rediscovered his self-worth. Now he collaborates with women to recognize their true value in both their personal and professional lives, through overcoming limiting beliefs, discovering internal power, and connecting to purpose. He does this by curating a safe, compassionate, and welcoming environment, where clients feel seen, heard, and believed, which allows for life-changing breakthroughs. As a result, Ray’s clients are empowered to step out of their comfort zone, ultimately finding ease in taking risks that will bring them the results they are looking to create in their lives. While incorporating this mindset shift, the women he works with feel happier, fulfilled, and connected, while also owning their worth and value as human beings outside of their results and what they create. With a bachelor’s degree in Russian as well as having completed Next Level Trainings’ programs in transformational leadership and emotional intelligence, he has had a wide-range of clients that span internationally. Looking ahead, Ray is in the process of gaining a certification in transformational emotional intelligence coaching through Next Level Trainings, as well as a trauma safe coaching and facilitation certification. He also mentors and coaches upcoming students through Next Level Trainings, serving more than 75 people over the past two years. In his free time, Ray likes to travel, study history, and connect with his three children.

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