1. What motivates you as a performer?

I get the biggest charge out of performing for dancers because dancers are out on the floor performing and enjoying themselves, so it’s a collaborative experience for me as a singer. There is a special energy that happens when the right song and the right dance together bring people joy! I am motivated by other artists;  my producer, Randy Gardner and incredible musicians and back up vocalists I work with in the studio behind the scenes as well as musicians I get to work with live on stage, choreographers, instructors, and dance enthusiasts. When shooting and creating videos, I work with other artists who are videographers, graphic designers, and digital pros. I love all artists and admire what they do. It’s easy to get excited when you are in a creative environment of diverse talents working together.

  1. How do you support other women in your work? 

I support other women by encouraging them whenever possible, through email, social media, phone calls and lunch/coffee get togethers. I am involved in podcasts and through my website DanceWithNancy.com, I speak to them directly and try to convince them to participate in fun things like line dance, ballroom dance and exercise. I attend conferences where I gather and talk to other women of all ages and we share resources. I have been a guest on shows like Donuts and Pie Fitness, Ana Caban‘s program, Patricia Friberg’s I Learned it from an 80’s Song program, Beacon’s Newspaper Promotions, Senior Living and on morning TV news shows on major networks discussing healthy living, “your second act” (following your passion in a new career or hobby later in life),  that motivate women to help each other live a full, happy and healthy life. 

  1. In what ways do you inspire others through your craft? 

I think I inspire others through my professional and personal life and my dedication to artistic endeavors that are collaborative; my music, my dance products and appreciation for other artists. I try to provide a positive example of a wife and mother of four young adult kids who is also an entrepreneur, a female business owner, a singer/songwriter, dancer and actress, a world traveller, and someone who has a tremendous amount of energy and zest for life. 

  1. Tell our readers about your favorite performance.

My favorite performance was probably on the Circus Maximus Stage at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, because many legendary performers who were my heroes worked there on that same 980 seat theatre stage before me (Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, George Burns, Frank Sinatra and many others). I was one of the final artists to perform there before they tore it down to make way for new construction. That theatre is now gone with the wind, but the memory I have of standing where those artists stood and singing out to the live audience that came to my show will last a lifetime. 

  1. How can readers learn more about you? 

They can find me through my artist website at NancyHays.com or at DanceWithNancy.com where I teach dance/exercise tutorials, or on facebook at Nancy Hays, Official Music Page, on a new Instagram site I am just starting, @linedancewithnancy


Nancy Hays is professional singer and dancer who has appeared as a guest on many podcasts by health and fitness professionals, promoting the benefits of line dancing, where her tracks like ‘Come Dance with Me’ have created worldwide hits, along with promoting the growing trend of Line dancing across the globe. Nancy is also a very proud mother who has performed with three of her young adult kids and is especially keen on promoting the health values of dance for everyone. Nancy has worked with some incredible musicians, including working in WSM studios Nashville, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Marriott Marquis in New York, as well as running an entertainment company! Nancy has also now released a new Celtic single https://www.nancy-hays.com/ which is also composed to the music of Grammy nominated Irish American fiddler, Liz Carroll https://www.lizcarroll.com/ which is receiving a great response across the music industry.