Entrepreneur Batya Maman, CEO, and founder of Social Connect enables business owners to garner real results for more profits through social media. As Distinctive Wom­en stated, “There are social media experts, networkers, and connectors. And then there’s Batya Maman.”

One thing that you need to do is synch up your de­vices and accounts so that all their media and social connections can be managed through one source. It is vital to creating attention-grabbing content and ads that sell, establish relationships and networks, and have a website that turns viewers into customers. These types of services are what Batya’s company achieves for its clients.

Batya knows first-hand what it is like to need to bring in money to her family through social media savvy. As immigrants, she and her husband moved to the United States from Israel with their children in 2003. They moved here because he was in construction, which was booming at the time.

She taught herself English and took great care of her kids. She, unfortunately, lost her Green Card when she and her husband divorced. She was then a single moth­er of three children who needed to take care of her kids in this country.

As a former teacher, she knew about computers from her time in Israel. She began to teach classes on com­puters. She found her niche market in teaching social media to dentists around the country, and it didn’t stop there. Now, her business is booming like construction in the early 2000s! What started as a small business in her home, Batya’s company has supported the needs of more than 300 entrepreneurs, small businesses, and dentists as they navigate social media.

Batya also has a heart for giving back to others and supporting important causes. From Boys and Girls Club to Friends of Foster Children to the Global Sis­terhood, Batya helps fundraise and donates her services to charities.

Bob Kresson, the CEO of Empire Investigations in Pittsburgh, PA, speaks highly of Batya Maman’s ser­vices, “The old adage of word-of-mouth to build your business is still true today more than ever. Blast off with social media. Instead of one person at a time, with Bayta you can reach out to 25 million to 50 million! Batya is the queen of social media!”

To learn more about social media for your business, go to www.gobatya.com.

For more information, please call Batya Maman at 1-239-601-4340 or e-mail her at info@gobatya.com.

A social media and communication specialist, Batya is an expert in Social Media Marketing, and very passionate about her work and all of her clients agree! She uses social media as a tool to connect P2P (people to people) and B2B (business to business). Through her success in three diverse business ventures, she has earned respect and an impeccable reputation in her community. On a more personal note, she has 3 children: 2 beautiful daughters and a son currently serving in the military. As a true entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a connector of people, Batya is looking forward to helping you achieve powerful results with social media!