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Kimberly Stark is the CEO and founder of The Flourish Consultancy, a professional and personal development educational company. As a natural information curator paired with an undergraduate degree in psychology and her own crisis story, Kimberly constructed a highly developed program that tackles building strategy through adversity and increasing health in the key areas of wellbeing. Kimberly teaches how adversity is a catalyst of our greatest strength by giving clients the tools to plan and implement the change they long to see. When Kimberly became a single mother of four children, she realized a gap existed in education during the period in between traditional schooling and successfully adulting. During this time, she began a deep-dive into wisdom that goes into mothering, health and nutrition, finance, relationships, and how we can all learn to bounce back when crises happen. The Flourish Model showcases how to rebuild a life in a short period of time, working with a wide range of organizations from school districts, to life insurance companies, the hospitality industry and restaurants, and more. In addition to her program, Kimberly provides employee wellness programs, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for adults and educators, and CPA courses for continued education, giving each person the agency they need to redeem and redefine their hardships while creating systems that support future goals. Kimberly’s Flourish Model results in an entirely refreshed viewpoint on life, where clients are able to remove their previous lens on how they experience the world and times of trial. Kimberly has worked with over 800 people, educating them on the teachings of Viktor Frankl, Steve Jobs, John Gottman, Dr. Virginia Satir, Richard Tedeschi, and Herman Kahn, to name a few. Kimberly lives in Orange County, California with her four children.