There is a delectable service in the city of Pittsburgh that deserves to be highlighted! We all love a great food selection, and the owner of Burgh Boards can provide your next event with just that. Laura Palencsar is a visionary chef who creates boxes of high quality foods to provide her clientele with. These delectable assortments include: “domestic and imported cheese, delicious homemade gourmet dips, a variety of festive crackers and crostini, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, and more.” Vegan and Gluten-Free options are also available!

Laura’s journey to provide you these incredible spreads is an exciting story that starts in early childhood. Laura, at the tender age of just two years old started cooking! She naturally gravitated toward a love of food and making it enjoyable for all. In preschool, Laura revealed her favorite food was surf and turf, so she considers herself to have always had mature tastebuds. The environment she grew up in helped to enhance her love of a variety of foods as she is from and Polish and Hungarian background. Her family was always offering an abundance of differing ethnic foods, and some of Laura’s favorites include rustic food, Spanish cuisine, and Asian cuisine. She also states that there is, “nothing like homemade pasta and meatballs.” In addition to this impressive early love of food, Laura shared a memory of her when she was five years old making Thanksgiving dinner!

I was in awe over that and was super excited to continue learning the wonderful uniqueness that Laura Palencsar brings to the world. How many of us can say we innately have that skill?

In early adulthood, Laura traveled to the Caribbean and it changed the trajectory of her life,  as she was inspired by a woman she met who worked on a luxury yacht. This led to Laura gaining experience working on her culinary skills in Ft. Lauderdale, in the sunny state of Florida. Through this voyage, she gained the ability to travel around the world all while leaving her talented mark with every dish she served.  This endeavor was long lasting, as she worked on luxury yachts for 15 years!

Laura eventually left that world and opened her own business in a wealthy and desired area of Connecticut, in the Berkshire Mountains. She named that business the Domestic Goddess Kitchen, and served with passion over every recipe provided to her customers. Laura’s culinary talents are compared to the style of none other than Ina Garten. This is quite a compliment, and one that Laura is very humbled by.

When Laura decided to move back to her home city of Pittsburgh, she did not think she was going to be living and working here again for an extended period of time. She had earned a degree in marketing while pursuing her college education, and was in a place of attempting to figure out her next career move. Inevitably, she chose what she knows and loves best, creating sensational food for those who seek to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Laura had to overcome a pretty serious injury she sustained after an accident during a 5k turkey trot run. Her right hand was shattered, which is the dominate hand she needs for her daily life, including her chef work. However, this does not stop her ambition to provide nothing less than excellent edible delights!

One of Laura’s fans is none other than our CEO here at Inspiring Lives, Dr. Shellie Hipsky who says, “Burgh Boards have become my must-have food for all sorts of events from: New Years to The Inauguration. I think I need to start inventing holidays for reasons to feast on these delectable offerings that Laura Palencsar creates!” This is a well-deserved, high compliment to the talent and efforts of this company.

This business was created through the genius of  Laura and her boyfriend, John. The unthinkable happened when Covid came rushing into our world in 2020 at an unexpected and exceeding rate, so Laura and John had to get creative with how to pivot their love of food to success. Burgh Boards is an extension of who Laura and John are as they are, “unique and never settle for average.” This makes the service they offer more than just another business, it is truly an exceptional way to provide Grazing boxes, tables, and boards at events and special occasions you want to celebrate. On every box purchased the customer is reminded of the company motto tagline, “A little party never hurt nobody.” Laura would like the readers to know that “if you use our services it will be a game changer.”

If you are interested in leaving a great impression at your next event, please consider Burgh Boards in Pittsburgh PA, to accommodate your food needs. Let yourself relax and be swept away by deliciousness and memorable moments with loved ones. Contact Laura Palencsar at Burgh Boards today to appease your discriminating tastebuds and wow your guests.

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