Peace, Love & Zen Holistic Wellness Center, a 100% Veteran owned company, has a philosophy of Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary where members of the community can de-stress while receiving state-of-the-art natural therapy. Our mission is to empower individuals to initiate, expand, and maintain their physical and spiritual wellness through education and guidance from our experienced and caring staff.

Our Himalayan salt cave is crafted of thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt, which is the oldest and purest form and contains 84 trace minerals that our body needs. For centuries, Europeans have sat in natural salt caves to help relieve respiratory, circulatory and skin ailments, along with stress. The secret of healing in the salt cave is simple. The air is intensively saturated with negative ions along with many minerals. By breathing in these elements, the body gets in balance and begins to heal itself.

During a 45-minute session, you relax in zero-gravity chairs while being immersed in sounds of the sea. Breathing in the salt air will foster good sleep, alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma, relieve hypertension and stress, and even cure hangovers. However, we make no medical claims.

The salt cave is something like an oasis of fresh air in the heavily polluted environment in which we live.

Halotherapy (salt therapy) is a 100% natural, safe, and drug-free treatment. It provides effective long-term relief, and it can be used as a complementary treatment to prescribed medications or as a sole treatment. Halotherapy works exceedingly well for children.

Peace, Love & Zen offers a variety of other services, including acupuncture, massage therapy, amethyst bed (Biomat), full-spectrum infrared sauna, jade massage bed, Platinum Energy Systems foot detox, Pyro-Energen Machine, spiritual path coaching, psychic medium services, and astrology. There are also events/classes held in the Himalayan salt cave every month.

Special pricing of $15 is offered to military, veterans, senior citizens, and children for the salt cave, infrared sauna, and jade massage bed. We are happy to customize discounted packages for customers who wish to utilize several modalities.

Mention this article when booking to receive $15 off your first service.