Full circle moments are like shooting stars—it is through their powerful incandescence that you get a glimpse of everything that aligned to make them possible. The Super-SHE-ro Celebration, held in Chatham, New Jersey, on February 9, 2019, can be described as such a moment.

The Super-SHE-ro Celebration was organized and run by Haseena Patel (executive director of Leave No Girl Behind International) and Donna Davis (board member of the organization). Phyl Macomber (also a board member) was one of the speakers that afternoon. The event was about women acknowledging and celebrating their super powers and nurturing themselves, as well as fundraising for Leave No Girl Behind Int. Women from all over the United States were in attendance.

Leave No Girl Behind Int. is a non-profit organization based in South Africa, founded by sisters Haseena and Shameema Patel. The organization is dedicated to empowering girls worldwide to find, respect, and embrace their voices through leadership. Having four young people participating in the activities made the event even more special.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky, editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, and Kelly Frost, vice president of operations for the magazine were in attendance. During the afternoon, Dr. Shellie, on behalf of The Global Sisterhood, presented Haseena with a check for Leave No Girl Behind Int. which will help sponsor girls in the LNGB School of Leadership.

The “full circle moment”: Haseena, along with Davis and Macomber were among the one hundred women interviewed by Dr. Shellie for her internationally best-selling Common Threads book trilogy. The interviewees were the original members of The Global Sisterhood.