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Dorothy Siminovitch is a world-renowned ICF Master Credential Coach who specializes in personal, executive, and team coaching. Her focus is on cultivating the power of presence and supporting people by using oneself as an instrument. With a PhD in organizational behavior, Dorothy is able to translate complex theories into working wisdom where she creates a safe environment for clients to consider new options or retire outdated habits. In her workshops and coaching sessions, clients find greater self-awareness and are able to dig deeper into issues which can be transformed. Dorothy uses the environment of psychological safety to promote more creativity enabling her clients to feel like “instruments of possibility”. Her clients report being able to harness more creativity and appreciation for themselves and others. Techniques for mindfulness, resilience, and adaptability are used so that clients can learn to view disruption as an opportunity towards positive change. Dorothy partners with clients in a collaborative manner and her message is simply this, “You know more than you think you know, and you can do more than you think that you can,” which ignites mobilization through innovation and intervention. As a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, Dorothy authored A Gestalt Coaching Primer: The Path Toward Awareness IQ, a book used in many coaching schools and business schools looking to teach the process for greater self-mastery and transformative human development. As an expert in the coaching field for over twenty-five years, Dorothy has been featured on numerous radio shows and asked to speak at conferences including ICF conferences, The Coaching Conclave, The OD Network, and The Embodiment Conference. She is the founder of the ICF accredited Gestalt Coaching Program in Toronto, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey. She is passionate about facilitating conversation, creativity, and authenticity that results in pushing the boundaries of perspective and possibility. She is a fitness devotee and uses mindful practices for well-being, joy, and innovation. She loves cultural differences, communication excellence and creative story-telling and sees all leadership as an evolutionary response of possibility.