Interviewed by Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Marta Sauret Greca is a creative media expert. Her company specializes in photo, video, web development, and coaching and training you to use it all effectively so you can increase your income. She helps craft a company’s messaging and aesthetics to attract the right clients. If you’ve got a business, Greca has the media. And I enjoyed talking branding and running a business mom-to-mom.

Dr. Shellie: Why is there such a need for businesses and people to brand online? Especially women?

Greca: It is a common belief that you have to have a certain amount of experience in your field for anybody to take you seriously. But marketers have found that, especially today, people decide who they want to hire based on personal experience and whether they connect with the person. Personal branding does that because it lets you put your most authentic self out there. Not only so you can make your name recognizable, but so you can attract the people you want to work with who are in alignment with who you are.

Dr. Shellie: Women have so many sides to their personalities. What do you suggest for the woman who isn’t sure if she should be the relatable frazzled mom or the glamourous business lady in their posts?

Greca: Everyone has multiple versions of themselves. You show what feels the best to you. But whatever you do, take a little time to know who you are at your core first. I know it sounds wooo woo and pretentious, but I’ve been praying and meditating to keep myself aligned with who I really am. It can be life changing when you take that time for yourself every day, even if you’re doing a million things or you’re exhausted and burnt out.

I rely on God’s guidance. I know that the universe has my back. And the answers are within yourself. If you’re not sure of the answer, just shut the world off and think to yourself, and you will see. I’ve had aha moments happen within three to four minutes of meditating. Once you start searching internally, the answer will come to you.

Also, take the time to look behind you at the past year. Think about all the clients you’ve brought in. Which of these clients have brought you the most joy? Which ones are going to propel your business forward? Did doing what you did to support them feel good to you?

Dr. Shellie: How do you suggest that people who are branding themselves get more visibility in a busy online marketplace?

Greca: Marketers have found that the number one way to do this is through video. Even getting on Facebook Lives once a week or grabbing some videos from your cell phone will help. I suggest that you really step into the title of “expert” and invest in a production video that you’re going to display on your website, Facebook page, or anywhere you can use it. A strong video is invaluable because they hear your voice and emotion, and they see your expressions. Your viewer will feel truly connected to you, more so than with photos. And if you’re consistent with video, they feel like they know and can trust you. So then they’re going to take the next step with you.

A true branding video and photographs aren’t just pretty. They show exactly who you are and who you want to be to your audience.

Dr. Shellie:  I absolutely love that. So, now we want the Marta story. We want to share your background and authentic self with our readers.

Greca: I will start by saying that once I started to be honest about my story—rather than try to hide it—it made a huge difference, especially in terms of the types of clients that I was attracting and how comfortable I was with my business.

I used to think I needed to hide the fact that I was a criminal teenager. I really was! Then, one day I decided to be honest about it. Everybody has a past. Being honest about it speaks volumes to other girls and women who think that they’re stuck in a situation. That is just who they are.

But before that in my history, I am actually an immigrant from Italy. My dad is from France, and he met my mom in Italy. We moved to the United States in 1995 with the five kids. Of course, that created a lot of insecurity for me, which led to the troubled teenage years.

But it showed me that my dad is a prime example of seizing an opportunity and going for it. How crazy is it that, out of the blue, a philosophy professor was moving five kids across the sea to start a new life? And it all worked out for him.

Then, I survived the crazy teenage years. I went to college and became pregnant with my first child when I was 20, and people told me I needed to quit school. But when you tell me I can’t do it, that just makes me want to do it more. So, I finished my university studies in time with a 3.9 GPA, and picked a career that I could have my child with me while making a living for my family. And over time had four more kids with my now husband. He and I both started entrepreneurial endeavors that allow us to create a comfortable living for our lives while focusing on our family and creating a legacy for them.

Dr. Shellie: Five kids and both parents are entrepreneurs. Tell me how you do it all!

Greca: Definitely boundaries and accepting that I am a mom. I used to feel bad about not being able to go to certain meetings or do certain things because I was a mom. Then, I realized that this is my business and that I could hire someone for my team who can do those things for me that I can’t. And when I realized that if I got up earlier than the kids, I could get so much done, that changed everything. I also started to treat my small business as a big company, showing up for myself, having a set schedule, serving my clients fully, and still giving myself ample time to focus on my family.

Dr. Shellie: Wonderful. Do you have any tips for the other moms out there who are trying to make it all work?

Greca: If you’re burnt out and stressed out, or if you’re exhausted all the time, get some help, whether it’s a coach or a therapist. Or simply ask your loved ones to help a little bit more. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because we think we can and should do it all, but it’s game-changing once we realize that we can be so much more powerful with a good team or supportive loved ones around us if we just let them help!

Greca is available for speaking engagements to inspire your audience to just believe in themselves and take those necessary steps for income growth today no matter what. For more information, visit

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