At a time when the threat to our planet’s eco-system has never been graver, award-winning artist Oenone Hammersley has progressed from painting wildlife on paper to larger and more diverse images of nature in oil on canvas to fantastical depictions of water.

Oenone Hammersley is a successful contemporary artist whose abstract and semi abstract works truly capture both the beauty and the hideous in our sadly diminishing world of wilderness and nature. The intensity of colour and light in her art projects the power of nature and forces us to notice and appreciate the rare and raw beauty that surrounds us, whilst acknowledging the unsettled world we live in, from the beauty of wildlife to the pollution of our global waters and beaches.

As a child Oenone visited South Africa, which began her passion for the vibrancy of the flowers and birds and intensity of the tropical colours, revealing her artistic talents and laying a foundation for her artwork. This passion continued and led Hammersley to study theatre design at Wimbledon College of Art followed by printmaking at the City Literary Institute in London. She is also a member of Artists for Conservation, the National Association of Women Artist’s and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Deriving inspiration from her travels to Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Australia and Latin America,  Oenone is committed to further the cause of conservation through her work with many international organizations. One of her main concerns and a message her art honestly exposes is the problem the planet is facing with plastic in the ocean that kills wildlife and washes up on our beaches.

Oenone has perfected a method incorporating hand painting with multiple paint pouring. Her mixed media technique embraces collage as a means to create texture. These unique and powerful works have won international awards and her most recent pieces focusing on water see her work becoming more textural in their abstraction, as the message to save the natural wonder in our world is expressed with extraordinary power.

Oenone won first prize for her piece ‘Cascading Reflections 1’ and her water paintings are being exhibited at The Contemporary Art Gallery Online in their All Women Show, 1st to 30th April 2021.

Oenone is also showing online at Artsy in a solo show with Walter Wickiser Gallery, 17th April to 14th May 2021: and planning to show her work in person for the London Art Biennale at the Chelsea Town Hall30th June to 4th July 2021.






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