• What motivates you as an Artist ?

As an Artist, I feel that it is my job to give people a different view of our world. My passion is nature and through my art I aim to share the positivity that this can bring to our everyday busy fast paced lives.

I walk regularly and observe, record then create art which importantly needs to be both balanced and beautiful.

  • How do you support other women through your work? 

I teach lots of workshops which mainly attract women, we share stories, experiences and create art in relaxing environments. Art helps with anxiety and stress, so the way I like to work puts calm and accessibility alongside encouragement and fun at the fore.

  • In what ways do you inspire others through your craft?

My devotion to my art sets a good example, I believe every one can create something beautiful, we all have a creative voice and if it’s very quiet (e.g., there’s a lack of confidence with making art) I like to encourage people to be more expressive and make more noise.

  • Tell our readers about your favourite painting.

Lavender Meadows – This piece for me sums up the riot that can be found on a simple lavender plant in summer, where there are flowers, you will find many pollinating insects, ladybirds, hummingbird hawkmoths, orange tip butterflies, honey bees, bumble bees, all wanting the food provided from these simple highly scented flowers. This piece is a
celebration of nature that can be found in every park, verge and garden all over our British Isles. Anyone who can stop for a few moments to watch a bee or butterfly at work will feel enriched and enchanted.

It is also one of the most complex and challenging batiks I’ve ever created.

  • How can readers learn more about you?

I create batik paintings which celebrate our nature, from garden birds, to coastal birds, wild flowers and garden flowers and more. You can follow me on Instagram @kingmarietherese or visit my website where I have upcoming shows listed, art holidays in Portugal and workshop information as well as my work for sale.


This year, Marie-Therese will also be exhibiting and hosting a workshop at the Barnsdale Gardens Summer Show in Rutland,  UK 17th June – 2nd July https://barnsdalegardens.co.uk/july-events.html





Based in Worcestershire, artist Marie-Therese King was lucky enough to grow up with six siblings in a family of horticulturists, gardeners, bird watchers and keen walkers surrounded by orchards and countryside. No doubt this nature filled childhood has influenced Marie-Therese’s passion now, as an artist, to share this vision, combined with her love of the ancient Indonesian art-form of Batik. Now living in an intentional community, shared costs in this communal living have enabled Marie-Therese to continue with her love of art as a career. A single parent and successful business woman, Marie-Therese has created her own business to share her love of art with children and communities, bringing images of the natural world she loves so much to life with the intensity of colour, shape and technique. Marie-Therese has not only encouraged children to embrace the power of art and how to really appreciate their surrounding nature but is now keen to make sure the adults do not miss out on how to nurture these artistic skills whilst on an intimate holiday retreat. Now running a number of popular art & birdwatching holidays in Southern Portugal where European bee eaters and golden oriels have become some of the stars of the artworks. https://www.mariethereseking.uk/batik-workshops/batik-workshop-and-birdwatching-holiday/ For a chance to see these beautiful works, Marie-Therese will be exhibiting and hosting a workshop at the Barnsdale Gardens, the garden centre created by the talented late Geoff Hamilton, one of the original members of Gardener’s World. The Summer show is at Barnsdale Gardens, Rutland, UK on 17th June – 2nd July https://barnsdalegardens.co.uk/july-events.html https://www.facebook.com/MTkingbatik/ https://twitter.com/king_therese https://www.instagram.com/kingmarietherese/ https://www.mariethereseking.uk/ For more information, please contact lisa@quitegreat.co.uk or call 01223 844 440 www.quitegreat.co.uk