Has your spirituality helped you in your career?

My spirituality is the back bone of all my life. It has brought me back my true essence, my self-confidence and trust in my dreams. I have been able to find a way to go through my past traumas or limitations from childhood and find the voice of my own self/soul/inner self.

So it is big YES.

I felt the calling to my spiritual path as I was a director of a finance company at age 28. And I answered it. And since then I spend time working on myself, writing, meditating, dancing to find my high energy and then create, be myself, enjoy my days, enjoy who I am. This has guided me in the choices in my career and how I could drive it through honoring my true self.

And that is why I was able to become the artist I have always been inside myself but was not daring to be.

How have  your homelands of Morocco & France influenced  your music, in particular your latest single ‘Seven Nation Army’?

Everything I am is influenced by my homeland culture Moroccan; music and flamenco are seated deep within my soul, they always brought me so much depth and joy. They are giving this extra sense of rhythm and the impact of the voice. The French culture gave me the love of poetry in music, the use of beautiful words and simple melodies, a special charm. In the last album Phil Ramone and Youth really wanted to put the accent on the softness and sensuality of my voice and bring it in a new style jazz album. I really allowed them to be creative in choosing these tracks because it was like a painter who was seeing you differently that how you see yourself in the mirror every day. Actually it was a lot of trust but also amusement to see how you can express yourself in other ways you were expecting yourself to be. And it worked so well for me as I really felt I was embodying this album and it opened new artistic territories in me.

How did the Covid-19 days affect you  as an artist and spiritual healer?

First of all, it allowed me to have distanced with my life and recreate myself again. Second it gave me the opportunity to focus on such a beautiful project, this album that has been the most extraordinary artistic collaboration for me.

Then on the spiritual side, I was getting prepared to be more active and give inspirational talks and workshops and there Covid-19 came. So very naturally, I started sharing my energy and knowledge on social and it became an important sharing for me. I give workshops on line, I lead meditations and channelling sessions live that bring a great circle of women from all over the world, it is fascinating and humbling. It has definitely put me back into my healing career big time.

What can fans expect from your forthcoming Album ‘Black Coffee’, with releases and future tours ?

I am giving a very exciting show in London on the 26-27th of November in Lilian Baylis theatre in Saddlers Wells, London, ‘When Jazz meets Flamenco.

I decided to create this show mixing the two genres and its exciting. I will perform my album and flamenco dances with amazing live musicians and flamenco troupe. I am working on my next album that will be a Latin album, this is a project I have been working for a few years.

This album will be the music for my next show we are creating with Dame Arlene Phillips who  I love working with. So as you can see, the program is so exciting!

SEVEN NATION ARMY’ VIDEOhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1OfeQIn04ob9hf8Pdhbf563LEC06zODeW/view – latest single out now from the album ‘Black Coffee’ Released  8th October 2021

What words of encouragement do you have for the empowering women of the world moving into 2022 ?


The world has changed a lot, take this opportunity to rethink your life, and create what makes you feel so good.

This world is bringing back the feminine to the forefront, time to dare and be the strong and wild at heart women. I think that’s what it is waiting for us to be.

How do you feel music soothes and supports people during difficult times?

Music is the healer. It transcends your mind and its talk. It brings you back to higher energy fields in yourself. It connects back to your heart and soul. Create playlists for each moment to get happy again, clam and centered, to dance and express the stress out, to be creative etc..

It is so important to master your moods and be able to heighten your energy. And music is the key.

What or whom inspires you?

People who create from their soul. It could the bread maker, the artist, the mothers, the fathers … anyone who comes to me with this sense of alignment with themselves. And people who dare to create what they have in themselves.

My list is very long and sometimes I feel it’s unfair to give one name. So I will give you a few names.

This week, I was looking at music writer Nitin Sawney, I was listening to Eckard Tolle wisdom.

My heroes are women in Africa who everyday hold it together for their children. Women everywhere in the world who are still fighting for their rights.

Music inspires me more than anything, it really touches me deeply and gives me wings to be and create new things.

Spiritual music one example Karunesh in flamenco, Archangel and Miguel Poveda, any Opera from Mozart, electronic music is Bedouin and Black Coffee the DJ, soul music includes Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James.

And yes, the most inspiring moments for me are the ones I spend in nature. In silence.

Thank you. Namaste.

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